By the title you can guess, this post is about wardrobe must haves. When I say must haves I don’t mean seasonal trends, I mean staples you should always have in your wardrobe – that will last you forever and will never go out of style.


The first must have is a basic cotton t-shirt! Why? Because t-shirts are the most perfect thing that can be worn everyday of the year. T-shirts can be worn with absolutely everything and anything. Having a white, grey and black t-shirt in your wardrobe makes life so much easier – and they never go out of style. Another perk of t-shirts is that they’re not expensive and almost every store sells them.

High end tee here / Affordable tee here


The second, and one of the most important must haves are  JEANS! A good pair of good quality jeans will change your life forever. Jeans can be worn from day to night and they will never go out of style, that’s why it’s important to get jeans that are perfect for your body and make you feel comfortable.

My first tip when buying good quality jeans is the style, stay away from the trendiest pair of jeans and head straight for the basic pair you can find.

    Get Levi’s shaping jeans here


  • TIP 1 – stay away from the colour jeans – yes white jeans are the current trend, but they wont last forever; stick with the “basic” navy colour.
  • TIP 2- buy jeans that compliment your figure! Shaping jeans are a lifesaver, whether you have more of a booty or no booty at all – shaping jeans will compliment an hourglass figure, and add shape to more of a column figure.
  • TIP 3 – it’s okay to spend more $$$ on your jeans – jeans are the most perfect item of clothing you could ever own, they never go out of style, they go with everything and can be worn anywhere, and they don’t need to be washed that often. So why not spend more money on jeans? I’m not saying go buy expensive designer jeans, but everyone should own at least one pair of good quality jeans.


Another important item is have is an LBD (little black dress). Yes, this is and always will be a must have! Why? Because a LBD can be turned from day to night, worn in the office, a party, business functions, cocktail parties – everything and anything. For me a LBD is something that’s modest but yet sexy, not too short but not too long. You don’t want to have any private parts hanging out but don’t be afraid to show off a little cleavage. Wearing a LBD should represent who you are as a person, it’s not about the dress itself, but how you wear it and style it. For me, I would wear my little black dress with nice statement heels and a red lip.

        Get the LBD here


Must have number four is a denim jacket, but not just any denim jacket. Denim jackets are always trendy and will never go out of style, so finding the perfect denim jacket is crucial. Patchwork/ embroidered jackets are totally in, but they wont last forever; find a denim jacket that is just simple, no rips/holes, no patchwork, no leather sleeves, just your plain old denim jacket. It’s always fun to play around with new styles but keeping it simple with a denim jacket can make styling outfits a lot easier. Just like a pair of jeans, denim jackets will last forever and can be worn from summer and throughout winter; it can be worn with any other outfit – keep it simple with shorts and some flats (don’t be afraid to wear denim-on-denim) or make it fun with a dress and some heels.


Get the denim jacket here


This must have isn’t crucial, but if you’re someone who loves winter and keeping warm, you’ll want to get your hands on this garment. If you live in the most freezing part of the world, or the not so freezing part, a cashmere sweater can be your bestfriend. You can layer, or wear it just as it is and it’ll keep you warm. The perfect thing about cashmere is that you can wear it in the not so cold places and it won’t make you extremely warm. When wearing in places where it’s super cold I do recommend layering, but don’t go to the extreme with layering as the cashmere will keep you warm.

If cashmere is a bit out of your price range then there are many alternatives but if you do live in the colder parts of the world, investing in a cashmere sweater can be the best item of clothing you could ever own.


Get the cashmere sweater here


The lucky last must have is a jumpsuit. Yes, a jumpsuit! If you’re someone like me and not the biggest fan of wearing dresses and skirts, a jumpsuit will change your style forever. Many are afraid of jumpsuits and playsuits because they’re worried it wont suit their figure, but the best part about jumpsuits is that they come in so many different styles, colours and fabrics, everyone can wear one. When picking out a jumpsuit I like to stick with a solid/basic colour such as black; because I can replace my LBD with a jumpsuit. If you’re someone who could never replace your LBD with a jumpsuit, try a coloured one, but keep in mind that just because it’s on trend, doesn’t mean it’ll last – go for solid colours or soft pastel colours.

Get the black jumpsuit here / or the pink jumpsuit here

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