As we all know I talked about wardrobe must haves, and from the response of the post I’ve decided to do a Spring/Summer wardrobe must haves.

This post isn’t about the trends of the season though some are included, such as the off the shoulder style and the cami tops. Though many of the basic wardrobes must haves still apply for this post – like with the basic t-shirt, pairing it with denim shorts, or even taking it to the next level with a printed tee or a colourful tee. With spring and summer it’s easy to wear a lot of colours, but also the main thing when dressing for summer is “am I still going to feel hot in this outfit?” – the main problem when it’s hot is throwing on the one outfit that will keep you cool during summer. My tips are to stick with cotton t-shirts, or anything cotton as it allows you to breathe; silk as well because it’s very cooling – and though denim is a bit warm throwing on some denim shorts won’t make you sweat.

Here are my FIVE summer wardrobe must haves that will keep you feeling cool and fashionable!


This must have is probably my most important must have for summer – denim shorts! Denim shorts go with anything and everything and they are so easy to wear, also if you’re not for short shorts there are always the 3/4 length; or even try swapping denim shorts for a denim skirt. I find the shorts so perfect because they can be paired with a nice top – my favourite way to style denim shorts is with either a printed or plain oversized t-shirt, tucked or half tucked it.


Denim shorts here


This next one is more of whats on trend but it can be worn forever! The cami is perfect for everything, dress it up or down, it’s a perfect summer staple. Take it to the next level of wearing a white tee underneath.


Cami top here


For me this is a most needed piece throughout summer – A COLOURFUL SUMMER DRESS! This is something that can be worn going to the mall, out for drinks, a walk long the beach, ANYTHING!!! I say colourful because you wan’t to stand out and feel like you’ve made an effort in your summer style! Length is also important in this because many people are only a fan of maxi or even mini, so why not try midi? Pair it with some sandals or even heels if you’re dressing up!


Summer dress here


For me, a playsuit/ short suit is always a must have during summer; they’re so easy to throw on and they’re perfect for trying to stay cool in the heat. Playsuits are another garment that is all about personal choice and style – for me, I like having a playsuit that is an appropriate length at the bottom so nothing falls out and same at the top half. If playsuits aren’t your type of style or you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, op for a jumpsuit. There are also many jumpsuits that are light fabric so you wont feel too warm during the summer.

At first I thought this outfit was just a top and pants, and when I found out it was a playsuit I got super excited because it looks extremely comfy and there isn’t much to it. Simply pair them with your favourite sneakers or flats, and yes you can dress it up with some cute strappy heels and a small shoulder bag.


Sabo Skirt playsuit here


Okay so I’ve talked about clothing, now time for shoes. If you’re like me and throw on anything, what you need is a pair of sliders or slip on sandals! Something that’s super easy, doesn’t take a lot of time to do and still makes you look fashionable. If you’re getting sick of wearing flipflops because they make your outfit look super casual, go for some sandals or sliders instead. Not only will they change your style but also your life (sort of). Sandals/ sliders can really change your outfit completely, also they’re super casual and can be worn do the mall, having lunch, or just running around getting things done.


High end sliders here / Affordable sliders here


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