We all know I talked about wardrobe must haves and the response was amazing, so I decided to do a part two. 

I never talked about accessories in the first post and they’re very important when it comes to fashion; so here are my wardrobe must haves part two – accessories addition.


If you like to dress up, go out and have fun, or just love heels, this one is for you! Heels can really make or break an outfit, and having the perfect heels for an outfit is essential . Having a pair of clean, neat and classy black heels will NEVER fail you – they go with everything and anything and perfect for any occasion. As well as having a simple pair of heels, it’s also important to have one (or two) staple shoes that you know will go with everything. Staple shoes are perfect because they can really break up an outfit if it’s one colour.

Simple shoes here / staple shoes here


The second must have is for those who have long winters, or are just obsessed with winter. Boots are a big must have when it’s freezing; but who said boots need to be boring? There are always bright colour and different style boots that will jazz up your winter. For me, having a simple pair of boots that are good quality and will last years is a must have. Keeping it a simple style, not going for whats the hottest trend, but something so simple and will look amazing with a pair of jeans. There’s also simple boots that have a little twist, if you’re sick of wearing the same boring boots everyday, take the next step and get boots with a little bit of bling. Lastly, a statement boot – I like to stick with dark colours and navy is such a beautiful statement colour and slowly adds a bit of colour to an outfit. Statement boots are more about personal style, if you want a big statement shoe go for big bright colours.

Simple boots here / other simple boots here / statement shoes here



This must have is for everyday, either heading to the shops, hanging out with friends – anything. Having a shoe/shoes that you can throw on anytime and with any outfit is always needed. For me it’s always a slip on/loafer, they go with everything and they’re so comfy. If you’re someone who likes sneakers, take it to the next level, something with a pop of colour, pom poms, glitter; having a simple statement shoe can boost your outfit, especially when it’s a hot summers day and all you’re wearing is denim shorts and a white tee.

flats bunny

Slip on mules here / Glitter sneakers here


This must have is dedicated to all the bag lovers! It’s so important to have an everyday bag, whether its a backpack, tote, shoulder bag, anything – keeping it simple is playing safe. When you’re having an everyday bag, having it simple will make sure it wont clash with any outfits, it’s easy to throw on and you know it’ll go with your outfit. Bag trends are always coming and going, so getting a bag that is on trend can sometimes be a waste – getting an on trend bag for a statement piece is always perfect, but keep in mind the trends come and go, especially with bags. It’s always good having a statement bag and a clutch, for the times where it’s a special event and you’re sick of wearing that same black outfit, jazz it up with a bright coloured clutch. Don’t be afraid to wear bright coloured outfits with a statement clutch.


Simple bag here / statement clutch here


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