I was struggling to come up with a “how to style” post and then it just hit me – a summer dress! I’m seeing a lot of spring/summer outfit posts and as I’m heading into winter (though its never cold enough to call winter because it’s hot all year) I decided I’d do a how to style the perfect summer dress!

When I think of summer dresses, I think of something loose fitting, breathable and colourful- I found this beautiful yellow dressed and to me, it screamed summer. For this post I wanted to use high end clothing but I did link affordable dupes along with it.






unnamed (2)

Dress here ( similar here) / slippers here / Gucci bag here / sunglasses here (similar here)


For this outfit I wanted it to be realistic for summer, something you could easily throw on and leave the house without worrying about the outfit. I picked slippers because they’re so easy and with a midi dress it looks stunning! The Gucci white bag is also a perfect fit for the dress because it keeps it looking casual and not too “over the top”- also the gold buckles on the bag are perfect with the yellow dress. When it comes to summer I love to just throw on some sunglasses because make-up in the summer sometimes isn’t the most comfortable – I chose these beautiful cat eye glasses because it gives a very retro vibe and I find cat eye glasses are the best for covering the face and giving it shape.




unnamed (1)

Dress here (similar here) / Gucci sneakers here  (similar here) / shoulder bag here / sunglasses here ( similar here)


This another easy throw on outfit – because who want’s to sit there for hours planning an outfit in the heat? If you’ve seen a few other of my posts, I always do a sneaker alternative because they’re so comfy and so in. I wanted to style this outfit with some Gucci sneakers because I’m so obsessed with them and they’re a perfect summer shoe. The embroidered snake on the side is so beautiful and adds more of a pop to the outfit instead of just keeping it neat. When I was looking for a bag I really wanted to find something that’s bright and fun and then this beautiful J.W Anderson bag came up and I knew it would be perfect! When it comes to styling anything for summer, colour clashing doesn’t exist, the more colours the better. This red bag really compliments the sneakers and brings out the red in them, also it’s a beautiful statement bag – red and yellow are perfect together.





Dress here (similar here) / Gucci shoes here (similar here) / mini shoulder bag here (similar here) Gucci scarf here (similar here)


This outfit has to be my favourite yet! I wanted to take this summer dress and go from everyday casual to night. The Gucci pumps are so beautiful and elegant, they can really take a casual outfit and make it elegant. When it came to finding a bag, I didn’t want to have a big bright statement bag, I wanted to keep it simple and nude. Having a nude bag will always bring out the outfit more. To complete the outfit I wanted to do something a little bit different than just shoes and a clutch bag – a scarf. Scarfs aren’t only for winter, infact they can really add more to a summer outfit, especially if it’s lacking colour. I picked this beautiful red and green scarf because I knew it would bring a lot of attention and because the outfit is off the shoulder it doesn’t clash and look messy.





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