As fashion “month” has come to an end, I do my traditional sit on Vogue and look at every show. When it comes to fashion month, Paris is always the one that gets me excited because it’s got all the big brands. I thought instead of talking about all the shows I loved to myself, I would share them all in a blog post.



Elie Saab is one of those designers who never does wrong. His collections are always so beautiful and so elegant.



I’m not going to say I totally loved the collection, it was beautiful but there has been better. I did love the bright colours, it’s always nice when designers stay away from dark colours when creating an A/W collection.



When Maria Grazia Chiuri became the new creative director for Dior, I did notice a bit of Valentino in a few collections and I did love Raf as Dior’s CD – but after seeing this collection I’m blown away. The blue ombre dress reminded me of Cinderella or something from a fairy tale.



This collection was just beautiful! I love how every piece is so wearable.



All I can say about this collection is AMAZING! This has to be in my top5 from fashion month! Every piece is so beautiful and so wearable.



Once again another collection that is totally wearable and stunning.



This collection really gave me an A/W vibe – I love any outfit with trousers and a big oversized coat.



I can’t say this is the best collection Stella has done but I do find it beautiful. I love the choice of fabrics and the cuts of the fabric.




I’ve always thought LV was that one brand that never failed and always looked amazing – I’m not wrong. This collection was beautiful; the mixture of colours and textures made the collection, I love a brand that isn’t afraid to play around with colours and fabrics instead of keeping the whole collection the same.



This might come across bias because Chanel is my favourtie brand but this collection was just stunning! I loved the whole space theme and once again Karl kept it very Coco but also gave it the perfect modern twist. ALSO, the set was just stunning – Chanel never disappoints when it comes to a show.


– All images from fashion month can be found here

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