Don’t you hate it when you get an amazing printed t-shirt and you want to wear it everywhere but you can’t? Not anymore – this blog post is dedicated to those who love their band/printed tee’s so much and will do anything to wear them everywhere.

Okay so it’s pretty obvious printed tee’s are huge, look at the Gucci t-shirt for example, everyone has gotten their hands on it and they’re everywhere. When I think of printed tee I always think of band shirts; I’m slightly obsessed with them. Band shirts and printed tee’s are always fun because it’s a perfect way to show your personality – instead of buying mainstream band shirts of artist you’ll never listen to, support your favourite bands and buying their merch and even do some DIY to add your own personal touch.

When I think of styling a printed shirt I always think of jeans and boots, but then I played around a little and styled together four outfits that can easily dress up your favourite printed shirt!





Printed tee here / Skirt here (similar here) / Boots here (similar here) / Shoulder bag here

I wanted to keep this look a bit casual but also fun, I didn’t want the tee to be totally ignored and I wanted it to stand out but I also wanted another statement item. When it comes to dressing up printed tee’s it’s a lot easier to stick to shirts that either have a black or white base, if you’re wearing a shirt and the main colour is yellow and then the big print, it can be a bit harder to style. I went for a skirt for the first outfit because I did wan’t to make it a bit girly, and high waisted anything is perfect with a printed tee. When I think of dressing up I think of some sort of heels and though this outfit would look good with a pair of pumps or even flats, I thought boots would compliment the outfit and give it a rock n roll vibe. The pink statement bag is perfect because it breaks up the dark colours and gives the outfit the pop it needs.




Printed tee here / stripe trousers here (similar here) / Gucci mini here / red pumps here (similar here)

If you’re someone who isn’t the biggest fan of skirts and dresses, then this outfit is for you. I’m personally a trousers girl and will wear them to anything – they’re so easy to style and super comfy. As well as the first look, this one gives me a rock n roll vibe, something Alexa Chung would pull off or something that would be seen as street style on fashion week. When it came to styling this outfit, I wanted to find shoes and a bag that matched in colour because the trousers and the tee are mono and it needed bright colours to break them up. Another way to style this outfit is replace one of the bag or shoe colours with something black so it’s not so out there – or take it to the next level and wear a red lippy.




Printed tee here / skirt here (similar here) / bag here / shoes here

Since I’ve done two outfits that are a bit rocker vibes, I wanted to take the next outfit completely opposite and make it soft and feminine. I thought a longer skirt for this outfit would be perfect for those who wanted to dress it up for something like a wedding or a special event. My first tip when it comes to dressing up a tee that is for a special event is to keep the tee a bit basic and make sure the colours compliment the outfit as well. In this outfit I did match the shoes and the bag together – the pastels make the outfit look softer and more elegant. I didn’t want the skirt to be a harsh colour either so I went for a soft blue so it would compliment the pastel look.





Printed tee here / jumpsuit here (similar here)/ Gucci mules here (similar here)/ Stella McCartney bag here

Lucky last outfit is for those who don’t want to dress up but have to. I wanted to style this outfit for those who don’t like to dress up as much or wear crazy colours – I kept it super simple but also found a way to add in a bit of everything. When I was styling this outfit I wanted to stay away from anything near a dress and a skirt; after looking around and thinking of trends I came back to the slip dress and tee underneath, and then it hit me,  A JUMPSUIT WITH A TEE UNDERNEATH! I’ve personally tried this many times before and the key is to not have a jumpsuit that is so tight at the front, especially when you have a baggy tee underneath. Jumpsuits are perfect for everything because they can be so elegant and so fun, not to mention the bottom is a trouser. When it came to shoes and a bag I wanted it to be so simple; I wanted shoes that a girl who loves her sneakers would wear and that’s when I found these perfect Gucci mules. Mules are so perfect because the heel is normally smaller than a pump and they’re easy to wear. Then when it came to a bag I wanted that to be super casual but I also wanted them to match in a way – the gold on the bag and the shoes add a bit more to the outfit then keeping it all one colour.


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