As summer is officially over and we hit autumn, I thought it would be a good time to start “outfit planning” and looking at autumn/ winter fashion.

Every time A/W comes around I know I cant go overboard and buy big coats and jumpers because in the part of Australia where I live, winter doesn’t really exist. I went onto asos because they always have some amazing clothing and they’re super affordable – so after looking around and dying over coats, I decided to make up a wishlist and convert it into a blog post.


When it comes to A/W I’m always looking out for that one coat that I know I can wear anything and everything with, lucky for me I found two I’m totally obsessed with. This winter I’m trying to stay away from black and white, so I’m bringing in more grey and winter colours like emerald and navy. I also found a skirt that would look super cute with tights underneath (then again it’s never cold where I am so I could go without the tights) and some cute boots with an coat that stops at the ankles.


green coat / grey coat / patchwork jeans / stripe pant / wrap skirt / stripe shirt

pj blouse   / boots

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