So we all know what street style is, and we also look forward to it every fashion show because it’s to die for! Every time I look at street style I just want to go to a fashion show and be able to pull something like that off but then I realised, who says you need a fashion event to pull of a killer street style?

To make this as easy and affordable as possible, I’ve done my research and found SIX items that will take your everyday basic outfit, to street style heaven!






This first tip is for those who just want to throw on an outfit and go, but still look stylish. Sunglasses are that perfect on the go accessory that can really add some attitude to an outfit – for me when it comes to perfect sunnies, it’s the oversized cat eye. A cat eye is very Audrey Hepburn, classy but also a bit of sass; to me they’re perfect for someone on the go and for someone who wants to add a bit more extra to their outfit. When it comes to finding glasses it’s all about personal choice – a good tip when finding them is to get “oversized” ones, especially when you’re not feeling a make-up day!


Cat eye sunglasses here




This second tip is not rocket science, a basic and a printed tee will change your outfit. I know white tee’s are always in, especially with some nice denim – but you can never go wrong with a white tee, why? because they’re perfect for everything. Also a printed tee is another must have for street style because it adds a little extra to your outfit and is more fun to wear. If you’re too scared to wear a printed tee out, check out the blog post I did on  HOW TO DRESS UP A PRINTED TEE.

White tee here / printed tee here





This tip is for those who are a bit over the whole basic tee and want to be keeping up to date with fashion. So a major trend right now (and has been for a while) is oversized anything! Oversized sleeves are so trendy and so fun to wear; they add a bit extra to the outfit and can be worn with anything. Keep the outfit super cute with a skirt or jeans and a nice pair of heeled boots.


Oversized shirt here



This tip is in almost every fashion must haves anyone has ever written or talked about – belts. Now there’s many people out there who don’t enjoy wearing belts, especially just as an accessory, but belts can take a boring outfit and make it into something beautiful. They’re perfect for giving shape, and adding a bit more to an outfit – don’t be afraid to go big with a belt.

first belt here / second here




If you’ve been following/reading my posts for a while now, you’d know I always talk about a statement shoe. The biggest way to nail street style is the shoes (we all know shoes are everything), always look for a statement shoe, especially if your outfit has no colour. The best way of nailing street style is that pop of colour, or pops of colour – don’t be afraid to go crazy. If you’re not someone who likes to have big crazy statement pieces, go for more of the fashionable “what’s trendy” shoe, like loafers.

loafers here / boots here



For this tip I didn’t want to add any images because it’s all about personal choice. When I look at street style post, I look closer to the face to see what the make-up is like and the one thing I’ve always noticed is a red lip! I’m so obsessed with red lipstick and I think anyone can pull it off – it’s one of those products that will seriously change your whole look in two seconds. Don’t be afraid to wear lipstick to somewhere like the shops, always act like the world is your runway!






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