We all know work-wear can be a bit boring and super basic; and it’s always frustrating going into a job with a dull outfit or even wearing the same thing over and over again. It’s even worse when you decide to go out straight after work and you know bringing a change of clothes is a hassle or you don’t have any time.

If you’re sick and tired of the same boring outfits and going out after work not feeling fashionable, then don’t fear, here are my FIVE tips to add more fun into your work-wear and/or take you from work-wear to night-wear.


I understand many jobs have either a uniform or strict dress code (majority keeping a professional and clean look) which is always fun because you’re able to wear court heels and dresses or even trousers and a skirt, but it’s also easy to stick to black and white which can sometimes be boring – especially when everyone is basically wearing the same thing. Adding a bit of colour to your work-wear can really change everything (once again only if it’s within your job rules) and it’s always perfect for after work meet ups. Adding some colour either into a blouse or dress can be that perfect touch and also keep it super clean and professional, the last thing you’d want to do is to walk into your office with a bright colour skirt – it’s all about keeping it simple, professional and fashionable. I found this dress on asos that I thought would be perfect for those who want to add more colour into their work outfits without taking it over the top. The colours in the skirt part of the dress are very neat and they don’t stand out, also all of the colours compliment each other and when you first take a glance at the dress the main colour is red and white; the navy and the black soften the outfit without making it stand out too much. Also this is a perfect outfit than can be taken from work-wear to night-wear!

asos work dress

Asos dress here


This tip is for those who either don’t or can’t add too much colour into a work outfit but do want to stand out and be more fashionable! There’s nothing wrong with basic colours, especially when you’re confident wearing them and know how to take them from basic to fun. Nude/ beige outfits are beautiful in work-wear as they’re soft and elegant but they’re also not the average white and black. When it comes to these soft colours, matching the colour of the bag and heels can compliment the outfit and keep it simple, or pair it with bold statement shoes to give it more colour.

asos work dress 2

Asos dress here


Not everyone can add a pop of colour to their work-wear and have to keep it black and white or just very simple, so I decided in this tip, it would be all about work-wear to night-wear. So when you’ve got a simple outfit that you’ve worn all day from work and you’re meeting up with your girlfriends for some Friday drinks and you don’t want to be wearing something boring – add a statement piece. This statement piece can either be jewellery, shoes, a handbag, anything with that pop of colour! Even adding a bit of red lipstick can change your whole outfit! This tip does need to be prepared so make sure the night before, pack you’re favourite heels or big statement necklace or even your favourite lipstick – lipsticks are always easier to pack because they’re so small.

asos work outfit

Blouse here / pants here


This tip is more of tip.3 just part 2 – all about statement shoes. If you’re someone who loves to wear heels in the office or at your job, or even just flats, don’t be afraid to have a statement shoe. I’m always talking about statement shoes in every post I do because they can really transform an outfit. When you’re wearing something simple, statement shoes are just that perfect addition to take your outfit from boring work-wear to fashionable but yet professional. Another thing to keep in mind when finding a statement heel is the height of the heel, you don’t want to be walking around in big glittery heels, or the highest heels you can find – if it’s a very professional environment stick with court shoes, they’re not too small of a heel and majority of the time they’re super comfy and you won’t be breaking your ankles when you have to walk around. Once again having a statement shoe is perfect from everyday work-wear then going straight into night time.

asos work shoes

Court shoe here


This last tip is more on the simple side of a blouse but also takes a plain/basic blouse and gives it a pop of fun. Never be afraid of polka dots and stripes, especially in work-wear -they’re a simple but yet fashionable piece that should always be apart of work-wear. Polka dots are cute and they also add a bit more to your outfit instead of keeping it plain and simple. Anything with stripes and dots will go with anything, especially trousers and a pencil skirt – don’t be afraid to go for a polka dot dress, just make sure the colours are basic like black and white because they’re the most complimenting on any figure. Adding something like polka dots to an outfit is very easy to do, especially when there’s a dress code – they’re also perfect for after work events especially with a statement piece.


Polka dot blouse here


  1. My profession only requires black, white and navy blue and is somewhat strict. It’s really hard dressing up and adding color to my outfit. Your post has great ideas I would love to try, especially the polka dot blouse. Thanks

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    1. So much you can do with those colours as well! Polka dot and stripes are always a great go to! Even if you can add a pop of colour through make-up (if you wear it that is) red/pink lipstick is always beautiful! xx

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