For those who are currently entering Spring this may be a tad confusing, especially after the SPRING HAS SPRUNG inpso post yesterday, but on the side of the world I’m in, it’s slowly approaching winter. Even though it doesn’t get super cold or even snow, I thought it was still important to touch basics for a winter wardrobe.

All these must haves are affordable and they’re also all about personal style – it also depends on how cold you’re winter is. If you’re currently on the opposite side of the world and your winter has just ended, check out my SUMMER WARDROBE MUST HAVES or even WARDROBE MUST HAVES.


Jeans Jeans Jeans! We all know jeans are a must have always, especially in winter! When it comes to jeans it’s important to feel comfortable in them and feel confident – I did a previous post about jeans in my wardrobe must haves where I talk about how it’s okay to spend a little extra on jeans and finding the right pair of jeans. Another thing about jeans is the seasonal trends, at the moment it’s rips/holes and patchwork which is so on trend, but trends don’t last forever. When it comes to buying on season trends (especially when they’ll go out of style next season) it’s always smarter to not spend a lot of money on trendy jeans, especially if you’re going to be over them next winter.

basic jeans here / trendy jeans here


This must have is the most basic thing for winter, a knit cardigan/jumper. When it comes to finding the most perfect and styling knit, don’t be afraid for going with bright colours or oversized and turtle necks because they never go out of trend. If you’re someone who likes to layer or lives in a cold area, oversized jumpers/knits are perfect.


Knit jumper here


We all know winter is cold (unless you happen to live in a part of the world where it never gets cold) then you’d know coats are a BIG must haves when it comes to winter. Coats and jackets are perfect because they’re warm and super stylish – they also never go out of style and depending how you take care of it and the quality of the garment, it’ll last forever. When it came to finding a perfect coat for a must have, I first thought of the amazing burberry trench which is just stunning, but not everyone can afford a $1000 coat; so when looking on asos I found a perfect dupe that can last forever if you take care of it. Another coat must have is a statement coat, once again this is all for personal choice, if you like simple/easy to throw on coats, this one isnt for you. A statement coat is always perfect for when you want to add something a little extra or even a pop of colour. Another good alternative for a statement is a jacket – biker jackets always give a look some edge and they can go with anything.

Trench coat here / pink coat here / leather jacket here


So after talking about garments, I think it’s important to discuss boots. Either you wear them, or you wear them, boots make winter fashion. The type of boots you like is all about personal style, not everyone wants to strut around in heeled boots and some just want to throw on a pair of boots as they leave to go somewhere. No matter what kind of boots you like, they’re important – sticking to slick black boots will never fail you, leather/faux leather can always be better quality compared to something lime suede, also they never go out of style. Another pair of boots to have is statement boots – winter fashion does get a bit dull so adding a bit of colour into your boots can make an outfit pop; also the colour never has to be a strong solid colour, it can always be a basic navy or maroon boot that can take your outfit to the next level.

Basic black boots here / statement boots here


This lucky last must have is an accessory that will keep you warm and fashionable! I always thought scarfs were totally unfashionable and not cool, so when it got cold I never wore them and I froze. Then after playing around with them I realised how perfect they are and how they can make a super basic outfit, super fashionable (and keep yourself warm). Scarfs come in all different colours and fabrics, stick to something warm but also go for a colour – there’s always going to be black/white/grey scarfs but if you don’t have a statement shoe or coat, a scarf can transform you outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear a big statement scarf and coat and even some statement shoes.


Pink scarf here


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