Yes you read the title correctly – Gucci is currently killing the fashion world right now and everyone is dying for some Gucci in their life. So, I decided to hunt for anything that’s either a Gucci look-alike/ dupe or something that has a Gucci vibe.

Now before I go on with the dupes, I did want to talk about the importance of supporting a company – especially when they create/design it. I know the fashion industry is basically recycled trends but since being so into the whole fashion world, I’ve noticed a lot of things that need to chill out a bit. Stealing/coping another designer to sell it for yourself/ company is not cool, always respect designers. Yes big brands have/get a lot of money, but all of that comes from an idea and then is created into a beautiful designs and so on. Not everyone can afford high end/designer or want to pay $500 for a tee, I totally get that – but it’s also about the small designers who started from the bottom and make their clothing in their house or an little studio, they deserve it all. Before I get too carried away on this rant, if you don’t care about buying dupes that come from big companies go for it, but also remember to support local boutiques with quality made clothing!




This first dupe is all about the slipper trend that so many people are obsessing over – I found these shoes on EGO and thought they look so much like the Gucci ones but they’re super affordable.

Gucci slippers here / Gucci DUPE here



This is also following the slipper trend but the more classic slipper. The dupe image was actually blurry on the site so I found one on Pinterest – please keep in mind some websites are scammers so do your research before purchasing. The website of the dupe I’ve found reliable it’s just that the picture of the slippers were blurry.

Gucci slippers here / Gucci DUPE here



This one is more of a look-alike of the stunning Gucci denim jackets! I found this one from MISSGUIDED and thought it was such a perfect dupe. They’re similar with the flowers on the shoulder and on the back of the Gucci there is the classic tiger, whereas the MissGuided one has patch work all over the back.

Gucci jacket here / Gucci DUPE here



So correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen this Gucci skirt until now and I’m so obsessed! The trend has been such an on and off trend but it’s such a beautiful skirt and I found another look-alike – which isn’t that hard when it’s constantly coming back in.

Gucci skirt here / Gucci DUPE here



So this last dupe is more of a Gucci vibe – the whole snake trend Gucci does is so beautiful and I’ve seen denim with the snake print on but unfortunately I can’t find the real deal, but I did find these beautiful jeans that have the “Gucci snake” and other patchwork.

dupe jeans

Gucci DUPE here



20 thoughts on “GUCCI DUPES

  1. Just found your blog and what caught my eye was I actually just posted a gucci princetown dupe post from EGO yesterday! For the price, the quality and look is pretty amazing 😀

    Xo, Vanessa

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too!! But I’m so glad I pushed away those initial hesitation and got myself three pairs at once from ego. It was the first time ordering from them so I was a bit worried about the quality and material but so glad I got them:D Did you get the same pair as well?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I was just wondering if you find the soles quite slippery as I do with mine. It’s been quite a while since I wore a non-rubber kind of flats so either that or I’ve simply forgotten how it feels like to walk in flats :’D

        Liked by 1 person

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