As it’s approaching winter and getting colder, sleeping in is becoming more and more important, but it also never leaves enough time to plan an outfit, do some make up and have a 30 minute shower and think about life?

So I have put together some easy tips for those who want to sleep in more or just aren’t early risers! These tips are things I’ve done for years ( because good luck getting me out of bed early in the morning) and they’re not your basic “throw on this and go”, they’re stylish tips that will add more to your outfit and make you look fabulous no matter where you’re going -if you’re after more style tips check out my other post on STYLING HACKS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW.



This tip is probably the most annoying thing you could ever hear but plan your outfit the night before! No one want’s to plan their outfit the night before because we’ve got no clue what to wear and that’s why we panic the next day and make our rooms a mess because we have no clothes, duh! To make it a lot easier, stick with the basics, if you’re off to uni or school (if you don’t have a uniform), go for something appropriate like jeans and a tee, something super easy and comfy, it can also be dressed up to look more stylish! Planning your outfit the night before is the best thing you can do if you love sleeping in, especially when you wake up and you have your clothes ready to go. It’s all about personal taste when it comes to planning outfits – depending on the occasion, go for something comfy but don’t be afraid to try new things with your style.  If you’re someone who has no clue about what to wear, go on instagram or pinterest for outfit ideas.



This style tip is also a part two of outfit planning – not everyone wants/will plan their outfit the night before, so it’s always good to keep in mind of some basic outfits that will never fail. Once again jeans are perfect, especially with a basic tee; but if you’re going to a meeting or the occasion is more than a jeans and tee outfit, add a tailored blazer to give it more of a dressed up look, and also adding heels can take a basic outfit to something chic and professional. If it’s more of a work/business meeting with business attire, jeans and a tee is a no go, stick to a classic black dress with a blazer and some heels. If it’s something like uni/college, adding a pair of boots and a jacket will really give the outfit some edge – swap around a plain tee for a printed tee.



This tip is essential for everything and anything – belts! Belts are your best friend, forever. If you love your t-shirt or baggy dresses that give you no shape, or you’re getting bored of the same outfit, add a belt! Adding a belt is so perfect for giving shape no matter what type your body is – it’ll either give you shape or it’ll bring out your amazing shape. We know belts are perfect for giving your figure some shape, but they can also be that perfect accessory and add more to your outfit. If you’re wearing some sort of denim bottoms and either keeping it simple with tee, adding a belt will break up the outfit more and make it look neat but also super stylish. Don’t be afraid of belt sizes.

first belt here / second belt here


This next tip is something I’ve talked about before, the t-shirt tuck! I know a lot of people already know this tip because it’s so easy and it can really change your outfit, but if you don’t, tuck your shirt either into the side of your jeans/skirt/pants, or into the front bit leaving the rest of the shirt out. This isn’t only for t-shirts, it can be for blouses, jumpers, anything on the top half! The simple tuck is really an outfit changer, especially with something oversized. It adds more shape to the body and also allows more of the outfit to be seen instead of having the top half completely cover the bottom, especially if you’re wearing a belt.



This last style tip is all about the accessories! I love having simple outfits and adding an accessory and when I say accessory I don’t just mean jewelry. When I’m in a rush and I’ve got no make up on and my hair is in a tight bun, I love throwing on oversized sunglasses because it hides my eye bags. The perfect thing about sunnies is that you can throw them on and no one will know you’re so tired and you look so chic at the same time! There’s so many accessories you can wear to really add something extra to your outfit, either a scarf, jewelry, a beanie, – anything that goes with your personal style. Keep in mind when you’re in a rush you’re not going to be thinking about the little things so make sure you plan it out the night before. Another fun thing about jewelry is that you can wear a big statement piece with a basic outfit and it’ll look like you spent your time getting ready.

sunglasses here / ear cuff here / beanie here


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