We all know black and monochromatic outfits are so fashion, but they can also be so boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love an all black outfit, but sometimes you just need that pop of colour and trust me, it can really change your look. So if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to wear colour but really wants to then keep reading to find out my style tips on how to add some colour into your outfit!



It can be really scary going from dark colours to something colourful, so to slowly ease into wearing colours take baby steps! Adding a coloured handbag can be that perfect introduction to wearing colour – I know basically everyone has a black bag, but next time you go shopping (or even borrow from a friend) look for a bag that has colour on it or even a staple colour. When I say go get something colourful I don’t mean bright yellow or orange, if you’re someone who is so used to wearing dark colours, find a navy/purple/deep red colour because it’s still in the comfort zone of dark colours but it also isn’t one straight colour. I always find when it comes to bags, reds and blues are really perfect for a statement colour.

pink bag here


Another baby step into colour is sunglasses – if you’re someone who is obsessed with sunglasses then this is for you! Coloured sunglasses is another good way to introduce colour into your outfit, it can come across a bit scary at first because what are coloured sunglasses? Isn’t everything just black? There’s a lot of glasses that have coloured lens and a frame, and if you’re starting out with colour, pick one – either have a coloured lense or frame. When it comes to picking the perfect pair, go for the one that suits you the most – if you have glasses you already own and love, find a pair similar because you’d feel more confident in them. Also when you’ve found the pair, don’t go overboard with price, at the end of the day they’re just an accessory – unless you’ve found the perfect pair you know you’ll wear all the time.

oversized flower glasses here / pink glasses here / purple glasses here


Now this tip is taking another big step; getting a tee with a bit of colour. We all love printed tee’s because they’re so fun and perfect for everyday, so when you’re looking for your next printed tee, make sure it’s got some colour on it! Majority of band shirts and tee’s will have colour, but if you’re someone who avoids colour completely you’d skip that – so no more skipping the colours! Even going into your local shopping mall and trying on some tee’s can boost your confidence for when you’re out shopping next.



I don’t want to be so repetitive in my posts but this tip is so important, whether you’re someone who just wants to add more colour or taking baby steps – statement shoes. Statement shoes. STATEMENT SHOES! I cant express how important statement shoes are, they’re more important than a statement bag. We all know shoes come in so many colours and we always go for black because they go with everything, but never be afraid to go for something different. If you’re new to colour, just like the handbags, stick to deep reds and navy, but if you’re someone who wants to have a big statement, don’t be afraid of any colour. It does all come down to what you’re wearing, because there is such thing as colour clashing, but if you’re heading into summer, don’t be afraid of bright colours – at the end winter comes along and it’s all dark colours again, but statement shoes will NEVER go out of style.



My last tip is, JUST GO FOR IT! Don’t be afraid of wearing orange pants, or a bright red top – the thing about style is that it shows personality. If you’re over always wearing that statement shoe or having that statement bag, go for a colour top, colourful trousers, anything. Don’t automatically think colourful means greens and yellows, or colours you dread. For spring/summer, try some pinks, blues, oranges, and if you’re in winter don’t be afraid of burgundy, olives and navy – we all know navy goes with black. Break some fashion “rules”.


  • Go for some colourful earrings
  • Paint your nails
  • Wear a pink or red lipstick


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