As you can tell from the title, this post is all about what to wear when you have nothing to wear!

I’ve done a post on STYLE TIPS FOR GETTING READY FASTER but I haven’t talked about classic outfits that you can throw on when you have no clothes and you need to be somewhere ASAP. We all go through those horrible moments when you’ve just got nothing to wear and most of the time it ends in tears and the whole “I’m not going!” – well I’m here to change all of that. I have put together THREE classic outfits we’ve all got but are sick of wearing them over and over again. You’re all probably wondering why I’ve put together outfits we’re so over wearing and probably wore the day before, BUT I’m going to talk about them and make it look like you didn’t wear it the day before.



Okay so we’ve all got jeans and a basic tee right? When I’m leaving the house and have nothing to wear, this is always my go to -denim and a white/grey/black tee is so easy to wear, but there’s so many ways to take this basic outfit and turn it into something more. Shoes are a major thing; boots, sneakers, loafers, sandals, whichever shoe you pick it’ll transform your outfit! For me, high heel boots give the whole model off duty feel, whereas something like loafers/slippers are still keeping it casual but also fashionable. Another good accessory for this basic outfit is a statement bag and a bright lipstick! If you’re heading into winter, throw over a statement coat or jumper.

unnamed (5)



When I was styling this outfit, I wanted it to be something for those who are studying because we know how annoying it is going to uni/school and having to spice up your outfit. I went for an LBD because they’re so classic, and because they can be dressed up or down, I wanted to keep it sporty chic and comfortable. Denim jackets can be a perfect way to add more to your outfit, instead of keeping it a simple dress. Don’t be afraid to try this with a coloured dress and a maxi. I also wanted to pair this outfit with sneakers because they’re super comfy, but I also wanted to show how sneakers don’t always give off a sporty look and they can look really nice with a dress. Once again if you’re wanting to dress this up, swap the sneakers for some sandals or just wear some of your favourite lipstick.


unnamed (6)



This last outfit is made up of clothes majority of people have, but if you don’t and are loving the denim skirt trend I highly recommend getting one. I love keeping it simple with a tee, but sometimes I want to look pretty and wear something more than casual – so what’s more perfect than a comfy tee and a cute skirt? When it comes to skirts I love keeping them simple and having something printed as the top. Printed tees are always so perfect for adding more to an outfit, especially with a basic bottom. Now if you’re wanting to wear something like this to a more casual place, swap the mules for some sandals or even sneakers. I chose mules for this outfit to dress the outfit up more – an outfit is always made by what shoe you’re wearing. Don’t forget accessories are important, whether it’s big earrings or oversized sunglasses – they will ALWAYS take your outfit to the next level and make it look like you didn’t wear it the day before.

unnamed (7)


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