Spring is that beautiful time of the year where all the bulky cold clothes come off and you transition into skirts and shorts, and that’s why we love spring!

Now I can say too much about spring as I’m in Autumn, but the one thing I needed to get off my chest is that I am so envious of everyone who is in spring! I’m not a warm weather person, I love the cold – but this years spring fashion is absolutely amazing and I’m not waiting for my spring to come to start wearing these trends. Another thing that I’m loving about this years spring trends is, no floral’s (groundbreaking).

So after doing some research on spring’s new trends, I thought I’d talk about FIVE trends that you will see everywhere this spring/summer!



Surprise! Guess which trend isn’t leaving just yet (or for a while), off the shoulder everything! Off the shoulder is one of those trends that really never left, they’re so crazy at the moment because of all the amazing garments that are out. Now this trend comes in all different shapes and styles and trust me, it’ll never disappoint. I’m not one to dress “sexy” but there’s something about this trend that just makes you go, oh hello! Maybe because it’s so chic but yet playful. A big tip when it comes to finding anything off the shoulder – long sleeves and big sleeves are in and don’t be afraid to turn a basic shirt (like an oversized work blouse) into an off the shoulder – super stylish.


off the shoulder top here



Still continuing with tops, another beautiful trend is ruffles! Now when I say ruffles I don’t mean crazy ruffles – soft ruffles give anyone amazing shape. If you’re not the biggest fan of the ruffle trend than close your eyes until Autumn! The best way to wear ruffles for a beginner is to start with something on the sleeves, especially if you love something that’s flared or bell sleeved.


ruffle top here



This trend I’m absolutely loving at the moment and it’s bright coloured skirts! When I think of spring I think of bright and soft pastel colours, I think of reds, pinks, orange and blue – fun fact, they’re the trendy colours of spring. I always find the best way to wear colour in an outfit is either a bottom or a shoe, and in this case I found the most perfect a-line skirt that just screamed spring! What I love the most about this skirt is that it grabs the attention because the red is so strong and powerful, but it doesn’t scream “look at me”. When it comes to colours, never be afraid to go big and bright – also colour matching is not a thing so mix and match colours.


red a-line skirt here



Before anyone starts to freak out over this trend just remember it’s not for everyone as many people have different taste and style. Gingham is back and it’s better than ever! I can’t say I’m a fan of gingham, but I also don’t hate it; it sometimes reminds me of a farm or something to do with the country. When I was looking on asos I saw a few pieces and I thought I wouldn’t add any into this post but then I came across some beautiful garments and I think everyone needs to give them a chance. They’re not a piece you can really throw on and go, but they’re perfect with any denim and a solid colour. Also they look even better when they’re tied in with the seasonal trends, like the ruffle top from asos.

gingham top here / gingham skirt here



Now we’ve talked clothing trends, it’s time to talk about the second most important thing -shoes! I wasn’t shocked at all hearing about spring shoe trends because spring is all about comfort and colour. If you’re not a mules lover than unfortunately spring shoes might not be the season for you! Once again the beautiful mules are here to stay and they’re a perfect transition from winter to spring – I do think mules look perfect in winter but they’re more suited for spring/summer. Another shoe trend that’s a must for spring is coloured shoes – but when I say colour I mean your baby/pastel pink,blue and even some brighter colours like orange and yellow. Spring is the season for colour and having fun with outfits.

mules here / blue heels here

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