If you’re in Spring you will know how popular gingham is and how it’s seen everywhere. So in this post I thought I’d do three ways to style gingham pieces that will make everyone fall in love with the trend.

When I first saw gingham back I was like, wow really, why? But now I’m really starting to love it. It’s one of those trends where you either love it or hate it, but my job today is to convince those who hate it, to love it. Gingham can be a bit scary if you’ve never worn it before, I know when I first wore it I felt like I should’ve been out on a farm. So in the post I’ve styled three outfits with a gingham piece in it – nothing too scary, just outfits that can be worn everyday.



So for this first outfit I wanted to keep it really simple – I found these trousers and I thought they were perfect for Spring. I love the gingham trousers because they cut of them is amazing and they’re a nice soft gingham and don’t scream “look at me wearing all this gingham!” perfect for those who are new to the trend. I wanted to pair the trousers with a basic tee and really keep the accessories basic; the statement piece in this outfit are the trousers.

unnamed (1)

Gingham trousers (SOLD OUT) – similar here / t-shirt here / Gucci slippers here / Gucci bag here



If you follow my how to style post you’d know I used this dress in my STYLISH SPRING OUTFITS post but I thought this dress would be perfect in my how to style gingham! If you’re someone who wants to get on the gingham trend, I recommend a dress as simple as this one – it’s not that much of a simple dress but it’s very neat and well fitted and just like the trousers the gingham style isn’t so noticeable and crazy. I wanted to keep the shoes in this outfit simple but go for a nice statement bag like this Gucci one.

unnamed (2)

Maje dress here (affordable here)/ Gucci bag here / Gianvito Rossi heels here


As you can notice from all of the other outfits in this post, the gingham pieces are black/white and blue/white colours – if you are someone new to this trend and a bit scared, don’t go for crazy colours, stick with the more simple ones as they’re easier to wear. For this outfit I wanted to add more colour, this is for those who are ready to take gingham to the next level. I paired the beautiful top with the most stunning pink skirt; I really wanted to add a statement bottom piece to this outfit. I went for red shoes because red and pink together are amazing and they really compliment each other, but then I stuck to a black based bag to tie it all in. The colours in this outfit really compliment each other and bring every piece out.


Gingham top here (affordable here)/ TOPSHOP SKIRT SOLD OUT / red shoes here / Gucci bag here

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