As everyday is feeling more and more like winter in Australia, I thought it was time to get more into detail about winter trends.

I’ve been doing a lot of spring posts as the moment and because over in Australia we’re in autumn, I thought it would be good for me to actually talk a bit about winter trends and how to wear them. If you don’t know the trends for winter yet , click here.

Winter is the time of the year where khaki comes back out and it’s seen everywhere – but it’s time for khaki to take a break this year because we’re experimenting with other tones of green! Green can be really scary because who really wears green? And when I say green I don’t mean the gucci green coat Jared Leto fell in love with – I mean deep green like olive.

If you’re not the biggest fan of any green, don’t leave just yet because here are my FIVE tips on how to slowly incorporate green into your winter outfits!



When it comes to trying something new, like wearing green, the easiest way to do it is to take it slow. Instead of rushing into a colour you’ve never really worn before or maybe just not a fan of, take it one step at a time. A t-shirt and jumper are always perfect for these situations because they’re not a statement unless you want them to be. Also because it’s winter, pairing a dark green with black is really complimenting and doesn’t stand out. Think of dark green as another navy.

green tee here / green jumper here


This tip is for those who love khaki or want to get into it – I find dresses really fun in winter because they look good with a jacket or even a long coat, and can be so casual with sneakers or totally dressed up with heels. If you’re someone who is new to trying colours, don’t be afraid to wear the one colour as an outfit. This is completely opposite from the first tip because there’s no bottoms, the pairing is only with the accessories which can be kept black, or even the total opposite like white. I don’t see khaki being much of a statement colour because it can come off dark, so don’t be afraid to wear something colourful.


green dress here


Just like tip no.2, don’t be afraid to wear more green. I find statement coats perfect in winter because they really add something extra to your outfits and because deep green/khaki is everywhere, don’t be afraid to go out and purchase a coat. We all know winter is full of all black outfits, because no one wants to wear colours in winter – go for a coat that will break up a solid colour. As I said in the tip above, I don’t see khaki as a statement colour, so I’d pair this coat with a statement bag or shoe.

green coat

green coat here


I know I’ve said the word khaki a lot, especially after saying it’s time to try new shades of green – so why not experiment with the colour in shoes? Like many others I am a BIG shoe lover, and I think we all know how much I love a statement shoe. When I came across these faux snake skin shoes in a dark green I fell in love. Green is just one of those colours no one really likes, and we’re all getting a bit sick of khaki, so coming across these beautiful boots was a breath of fresh air. Winter is that time of the year where statement boots are seen everywhere, so when you’re looking for a new boot this year, go green!

green snake skin boots here / green mules here


I wanted to save this tip for last because it’s the best one. If I haven’t sold you on green yet, this is your tip. Earrings. When I think of winter I think of hair down, ankle high heel boots, black jeans, big coat and statement earrings! Earrings are the easiest and most stylish way to add colour into your outfit and they’re so beautiful. The thing I love about earrings is that you don’t need to find that “perfect pair”, they will always find you.

faux pearl clip earrings here / hoop earrings here


  1. I am like that too! That is why I wear blue contact lenses to cover up my green eyes. Not really my favorite color! It can be pretty sometimes, though. I did a piece called “Green Envy” that had a beautfiul green Nina Ricci dress from Olivier Theysken’s Fall 2007 collection. Made it prettier because it was in ombré and it was made of a light, poufy fabric.

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