As we all know it’s that time of the year where resort makes it’s big debut and everyone goes crazy – so I thought I’d talk about my current favourites so far from resort 2018.

Fashion week in Australia has officially kicked off and I must say I AM IN LOVE! When it comes to Australian designers I’m never disappointed ( I’m also so bias) but every collection is so beautiful. So as resort has kicked off, here are my FIVE favourites so far!



I thought every piece in this collection was just stunning – Alice always kills it at every fashion week.



Khalil is one of the most amazing bridal designers I’ve ever seen, I HAD to add his resort collection in this post – so beautiful!



I don’t have much to say about this collection part from it being wearable and stunning. If you’re not familiar with the brand, I highly recommend checking them out.



Once again this collection was stunning – since Nicolas became the creative director the brand’s collection has never been disappointing.



Bianca had such a beautiful collection, I fell in love with the details!



This is one of my favourite collections I’ve seen from Dior – the colours were just so stunning and so bright. My favourite piece is the first image.



I must say Australian fashion week is my favourite – all the designs and colours are just so amazing. Don’t get me wrong I love the big designers shows but there’s something about Australian designer’s that just nail fashion week. Dion Lee is one of my favourite designers ever, he never disappoints.



We all saw this coming right? If you’ve followed my blog for a bit now you’d know every fashion week I talk about Chanel, yes I’m bias but does Karl ever do wrong? No. The man is a genius and always makes Chanel feel so coco but with a twist.


Okay so I was going to end this post at Chanel but after seeing the Macgraw collection I had to add it! When watching the show all I could think about was the Wizard of Oz, and the loafers were stunning – especially the mix-matched ones.

Since resort has only kicked off, I did want to talk about my favourites so far, so expect a part two! I would love to hear what was your favourite collection!



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