There’s nothing I love more than boots in winter, they make the season. In this post I wanted to talk about everything winter shoes (not just boots).

So winter is only a week and a bit away and I want to get everyone prepared for this amazing season! Today I’m going to be talking about FIVE shoes that are perfect for winter (some of which, are perfect for spring as well) and that will look amazing with any outfit.



Nothing is more classic than a heeled ankle boot. For me having a heeled boot in winter really completes my outfit – if you’re someone who isn’t a fan of the heel don’t worry, flat boots are super stylish. When it comes to looking for the perfect boot keep it simple; I go for faux suede and leather/pleather because they’re so easy to wear and they’re better quality. Having a basic boot is needs to be perfect for winter every year, that’s why picking something classic and simple is the best way to go.


Black boots here


On the same topic as boots, don’t be afraid to go for some colour, especially on trend colours! I love a statement shoe, and for winter a statement boot will really add more life to that all black outfit! If you’re someone who loves sticking with trends go for a colour boot and make sure the fabric is on trend (like velvet) because it’s a lot easier to kill two birds with one stone and not to mention, you’ll save more money.


Navy velvet boots here


So this one isn’t a boot but it’s still in the heel category. Boots in winter are great, but you’re going to get sick of them, especially when it comes to dressing up more. Mules are the most perfect winter heel, they’re simple but yet can also be such a big statement. If you live in a colder area and afraid of your toes falling off, take it to the next level and wear stylish socks or even sheer ones.


Mules here


This is the shoe I’m most excited to talk about because it’s a sneaker and it’s pink! I’m a heel girl and will always be one, but if it’s in pink I’ll take two. I’m getting into sneakers because they’re so comfy, but when it comes to finding the perfect sneaker, look for the “stylish sneakers” not the training ones you’d wear out for a run. Pink isn’t a “trendy” colour in winter but it’s such a statement and you can wear any colour during any season. Basics are always perfect but don’t be afraid to go for a statement – statement shoes don’t have to be the brightest colour or the craziest design.


Pink sneakers here


This last shoe is another all year shoe but it’s so perfect for winter I had to talk about it. Being realistic I will always wear loafers out to the shops or if I’m keeping it casual. They’re perfect to just slide on and go. Though loafers/slippers can be really open and you might feel a bit cold, like what I said with the mules, don’t be afraid to wear socks or sheer ankle socks. Loafers are so perfect with jeans and a long trench.


Slippers here


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