So we all know fashion bloggers are taking over the world (fashion world) and everyone is dying over the amazing and standout street-style; I thought it was time to talk about my current favourite bloggers and affordable ways on how to get the “fashion blogger” look.

Before I get into the how to bit on this post, I wanted to say that not every blogger has the same style, everyone has their own personal style. For this post I found my inspiration from the two amazing girls from Twiced Blessed. If you don’t follow Bec and Marissa, you need to – they’re style is amazing and so is their blog.

Twiced Blessed blog here & instagram here.

Since this post is basically inspired by Bec and Marissa, I thought I’d show below some photos of their style.

Images via: Twiced Blessed blog


Stick with the basics – If you’re wanting to achieve the fashion blogger look, always stick with the basics. This can mean wearing those simple jeans or a basic tee; don’t think all of these tips are about the basics because they’re not at all, we all know basics are easy to wear and they’re comfortable, also they’re fun to match with seasonal trends.


Asos jeans here


Don’t forget about the trends – when we see these amazing bloggers and their street style, they’re always rocking the latest trends. Trends are always such a big role when it comes to the fashion industry, and no you don’t need to follow every trend there is, but trends are always important. Include trends in your own way.


Gingham top here


Get that outwear on point – if it’s winter or summer you can still pull of some outwear. For me we’re heading into winter so jackets and coats are a must, but for those heading into summer denim jackets can be perfect. I love a biker jacket and a long coat, if I have them both my whole wardrobe is complete. Denim jackets are always so trendy and especially with some patches stuck on the back – I’m finding a lot of them are becoming more and more expensive, so secret little tip; go to a thrift store and pick up a denim jacket and DIY the patches.

Stripe blazer here / Faux leather jacket here


Shoes will make or break your outfit – we all know the importance of shoes, so that’s why finding a classic pair will never disappoint you and your outfit! I’m all for classic shoes, boots that you can wear every winter or heels that will never go out of style. Trendy shoes are also great but sometimes when it comes to shoes, simple can be better.


Classic boots here


Don’t forget the accessories – If you’re a handbag lover you know what I mean when I say picking the right handbag for an outfit is so important. I’m more of a shoe lover and find it hard to get that perfect classic bag, so when it comes to bags, I’m all about the trends.


Pearl bag here


Add that pop of colour – for the last tip I really wanted to express how adding colour to your outfit can change the game completely. It’s time to get out of comfort zones and stop wearing all black or monochromatic outfits, especially if you wan’t that fashion blogger look. I love a good statement colour, whether it be a bag, shoes, coat, anything – it will really change the way you dress (for the better).

Red trousers here / Yellow heels here


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