If you’re someone who is a bit late to trends, or just doesn’t wear colour – it’s time for all of that to change. Pink is currently so big (when hasn’t it been?) and I’m here to convince you why you need it in your wardrobe.

If I’m being completely honest, I used to hate pink so much, BUT I started falling in love with pink about two years ago, I was such a purple person. The thing I love about pink is that it’s so similar to red (which is my favourite colour) but also because pink is so easy to wear.

If you’re still not sold on pink, I’ll add some photos below of beautiful people rocking pink, and then talk about some pink must haves!


(images via Pinterest)

Now that we’re all thinking pink, here are my FIVE pink MUST haves / easiest ways to add pink into your wardrobe & everyday outfits.




I thought with the first tip I would keep it super simple. The one thing i’ll quickly mention that to me, pink is pink, I do like the whole “millennial pink” but as long as it’s pink, I’m obsessed. One of the easiest ways to wear pink is a tee, I’m all about the basic tee and I think it’s perfect for all year round. If you’re getting a bit sick of the basic tee go for a blouse, or even some pink gingham.

Pink blouse here & Pink tee here



Another easy way to wear pink, just like a basic tee is a skirt! I find when it comes to adding something different into your wardrobe, the easiest way to do it is with a tee or a skirt. They’re so easy to style and you can pair it with anything – if you’re a bit scared of pink go for a white or black tee and keep everything else simple.

Pink denim skirt here & pink hem skirt here



At first when I thought pink, I always thought about spring/summer, but if you’re someone who is heading into winter like myself, grab something pink. I love a pink jacket, I think they look so beautiful and chic, it’s a cute punk vibe. If you’re not the biggest fan of bright pinks go for something softer like a soft pink coat (so similar to the Burberry coats), they will also never go out of style.

Pink pleather jacket here / pink faux suede jacket here / pink trench coat here



Oh how I love pink shoes! If you’re a shoe lover you totally know what this is going to be about. If you don’t want to wear pink as clothing than wearing pink shoes is perfect for you. I think in every post I talk about a statement shoe but they’re so important!

Pink sneakers here & pink loafers here



If I still haven’t sold you on pink, don’t worry this last tip is just for you. I know everyone isn’t crazy about pink, but if you’re up to trying something new I always recommend an accessory. The reason why I always offer an accessory when it comes to trying new things is because you can find them anywhere, and they can be so affordable, also they’re a good way to stay in your comfort zone while also trying something new. I love a good pair of sunglasses, especially if they’re trendy and cute. I always have my main black pair which I’ll always grab, but for the day’s I’m feeling boring and dull, I always go for different glasses – they can change an outfit instantly.

pink sunnies

Pink glasses here


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