As we all know gingham is so trendy and is now everywhere; but for those who are experiencing winter, we know spring is still so far away and no one waits to wear trends.

Since gingham became so big, I looked everywhere online and saw mostly summer stuff and barely any winter.. So I thought I’d find anything that was gingham print and could be worn in winter and I wanted to put it into a blog post.


So here are my THREE ways to wear gingham in winter!



For the first outfit, I really wanted to keep it simple but also something that is so easy to dress up and dress down. The first thing I found in the outfit was the gingham coat! At first I found it really hard to find what else to go with it, then I came across a button up and thought it was different. I love button ups, especially because they can be worn all year round. I wanted to keep the shoes and bottoms simple as well and add a statement bag. This outfit would also suit a jumper/sweater and some sneakers.

gingham winter 3

Gingham coat here / white blouse here / jeans here / heels here / hangbag (similar here)



I wanted to keep this next outfit really casual and for those who don’t want to wear boots in winter. I’m becoming more and more of a sneaker lover and really wanted to add them into this style post, so when I found the gingham trousers I knew they’d be perfect! This outfit has a lot of black in it and I didn’t want to add too much colour because for me, winter is about dark colours. This outfit would also look good with an oversized jumper or coat.


gingham winter 1

Gingham trousers here ( affordable here) / turtle neck here / sneakers here / handbag here



For the last outfit I really wanted to dress it up and make an outfit appropriate for going out or for a special occasion. This gingham top is seen everywhere, so I wanted to style it making sure it was the statement piece. Jeans are always perfect for winter and add more texture to outfits, I also wanted to keep the heeled boots simple but have a deep red statement bag. If you’re someone who isn’t the biggest fan of colour during winter, go for something navy and red.

gingham winter 2

Gingham top here / jeans here / boots here / handbag here


  1. Oh my god gingham is legit my fav, i recently baught2 pairs of gingham trousers andd i love love love them! I usually pair them with a oversized denim jacket and vans with like a black or white top! I think a wrao gingham skirt is always cute too!

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