Welcome back to my blog! If you’ve read the title you’re probably thinking “didn’t you already do this?” and the answer to that is yes – but I had such a great response from my original post, I thought I’d turn it into a little “series”.

If you’re confused about what I’m rambling about, I did a post on HOW TO DRESS LIKE A “FASHION BLOGGER” and I talked about two amazing fashion bloggers who I’m loving at the moment. So I thought I would do it again, but talking about another favourite blogger of mine.

I’ve been following Victoria from “Inthefrow” for many years, I’m pretty sure her blog was one of the first blogs I’ve ever read. If you don’t know who Victoria is, give her a follow everywhere because you will love her as much as I do. Her personality is so bubbly and fun, her blog posts are always so honest and raw, and her fashion is incredible. Her style is so fun and bright, but also full of so many classic pieces everyone needs in their wardrobe. I wouldn’t say she has a certain style because it’s full of everything, but I’d call it girlboss chic, with lots of colour.

Where to find Victoria:




(photos taken from inthefrow instagram)




TURTLENECK SWEATER– The first tip is so simple and makes so much sense; because Victoria lives in beautiful London, she needs to stay warm during winter, and what’s warm and always so fashionable? A turtle neck. Turtle necks are so perfect for winter and they never go out of style – they can also be paired with anything and are a perfect throw on.

turtle neck

turtle neck sweater here


JUMPSUIT – When I think of Victoria’s style I always think of the beautiful jumpsuits she wears. When it comes to finding that perfect jumpsuit, don’t go for one that’s in style; always stick with classic pieces that you can dress up and down.


jumpsuit here



LACE– I’ve never seen someone who is more obsessed with lace than Victoria, and she pulls it off and looks stunning in it! I’m not the biggest fan of lace, but then second I see a photo of Victoria wearing it I just fall in love. Lace is very elegant and can always look so stunning – if you’re new to lace or not the biggest fan, keep it simple like a lace top or a dress with lace on it.

red lace here & white lace here


BLAZER & BLOUSE – I wanted to add these two pieces together because they’re so classic and everyone needs them in their wardrobe. When finding that perfect blazer make sure it fits like a glove, but also don’t be afraid to go for more of an oversized look. If you’re someone with curves, a fitted blazer would be perfect for your silhouette and compliment the curves. If you look at Victoria’s style she always has perfect “work” blouses, and she makes them look so chic.


blazer here & white blouse here


OVER THE KNEE – I wanted to keep this last tip a bit simple and make it something that everyone can wear. Over the knee boots are so perfect for winter, and look so good in spring with a skirt or a dress. I love over the knee boots, but my little tip is don’t go up too high with them, stick to your knee (hence over the knee) and don’t be afraid to show some skin to break up the outfit.

knee high

over the knee boots here



  • Don’t be afraid of colour, the more the better
  • There’s no such thing as colour clashing
  • The more “statement” pieces the better


I would love to know who your favourite blogger/bloggers are and if you’re obsessed with Victoria like I am!





  1. I don’t like the color of her hair, she looks strange with it. But I love what she is wearing 😊. To be 100% honest, I think you are more stylish. But for inspiration it is important to look at other blogger styles 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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