Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I wanted to talk about summer holidays and what are some must haves when it comes to packing.

Even though it’s winter here, a lot of people are either going into holidays or taking some time off and going on a nice getaway to somewhere warm. I’m such a winter person but because in Australia summer is basically all year round, I really wanted to talk about what I take on summer holidays and what I wear during my summer.

The items I’ve found are all affordable and all basic things – they may not fit everyone’s taste but I do find they’re perfect for summer. Also I’m someone who over packs for everything, so this is handy for those who are like me and need 50 shirts for a week!


navy playsuit here  / beach throw on  here/ red dress here

black swimsuit here / floppy beach hat here  / beach bag here

pink espadrilles here / pom pom sandals here / pink cat eye sunglasses here


I wanted to keep everything super basic and pieces everyone could wear and that will never really go out of style.

  • DRESSES & PLAYSUITS – Normally when you go on a summer holiday you head to the beach, and there’s nothing more messy than sand. When I decide to go to the beach, I always make sure I’m wearing something that I can throw on and easily take off – I’m not a fan of wearing denim shorts to the beach because weeks later I still find sand in the pockets. I love a linen “boyfriend shirt” for the beach because it’s so easy and linen is such a beautiful fabric. Also when not at the beach, dresses and playsuits/rompers are perfect for everything because they come in so many different colours and patterns – also when you’re a bit burnt from the beach, wearing tight fitting clothes is such a no-go!


  • SWIMWEAR – Swimwear is such a personal choice; the only thing I can recommend when it comes to swimwear is find something that’s perfect for you and makes you feel confident inside and out!


  • SHOES – I’m someone who will wear flip flops all summer, but when you want to dress up your outfit more, go for some pretty sandals. Sandals are such a perfect shoe in summer because they’re so easy to wear. I also love a type of sneaker during summer; something like an espadrille because they’re a slip on and perfect for the beach or lots of walking around.


  • BEACH BAG & ACCESSORIES – When travelling I find it’s so important to bring a tote bag, especially when you’re constantly at the beach. Beach bags are so important and they’ll store everything you need. I always find a beach bag that’s big enough to pack a towel, some snacks, sunscreen, big bottle of water and a secret hiding place for my phone/expensive goods. When it comes to finding a beach bag, try looking for one with a zip at the top – that’ll stop a lot of sand going in and stop people from walking past and looking into your bag. Another thing that I need for summer is a big floppy hat. I’m all for being tanned and having that summer glow but keeping my skin safe from the sun is so important.


  • SUNGLASSES – We all know sunglasses are a must have for everywhere, but they’re needed more during a summer holiday. I’m not one to wear a lot of make up during summer so I like to wear oversized glasses.



  • stay hydrated – so important to drink a lot of water in summer
  • Wear some sunscreen (sorry to be such a mum) but no one wants skin that looks like leather
  • Hydrating sprays are so good in a beach bag because they make you feel so fresh
  • Put your phone and money into a ziplock bag and hide it in your bag – this stops it from getting wet and sandy, and from people stealing it




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