Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I wanted to talk about how to wear/style knee high boots.

Knee high/ over the knee boots can be really tricky, and because of that, a lot of people tend to stay away from them. So I thought I’d give my tips for anyone who is scared of knee high boots or just want some more styling tips.



KEEP IT SIMPLE – When it comes to finding knee high boots, keep it simple. The best boots you can get is suede (faux) and heels. For those who aren’t a fan of heeled shoes; here are a few reasons why heeled knee high boots are better.

  • THEY MAKE YOU LOOK TALLER – let’s be real here, heels always make you look taller. If you’re someone who’s shorter, heels will always make your legs looked extended.
  • FLAT BOOTS MAKE YOU LOOK SHORT – If you’re someone who is pretty short, you don’t want to have flat boots (especially knee high) because you’re going to look shorter. For someone who is already tall, shorter boots may come in handy.
  • WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO GO FOR A HEEL – The reason why knee high are better heels because they come up to your knee and cover majority of your leg, and the more skin you can see on your leg the taller you’re going to look (don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense, it leads straight to TIP NO.2)

outfit 1 with boots



SHOW A LITTLE SKIN – Going from the last point in tip no.1, this tip is all about breaking up the clothes and the boots, and making your legs look longer. If you’re wearing a dress/skirt/shorts, make sure there’s small gap in between, because if you’re showing a bit of skin on your leg, it’s going to break up the difference between the shoes and the outfit, and it’s going to make you look taller. Also it can be more flattering when there’s a brake in between, otherwise the outfit may look a bit cluttered.

outfit 3 with boots



PERFECT FOR ANY SEASON – Almost any season? Knee high boots can be worn from Autumn all the way to Spring! Depending on what fabric the boot is, they can last for almost any season. Knee high’s go with almost anything, and though in the last few tips I talked about showing a bit of skin, you have to be realistic in winter. When pairing knee high boots with jeans, my tip is to make sure the jeans aren’t black, because then you get your boots mixed in and it can look a bit confusing – unless your boots are not black. At the end of the day you want everyone to see that you’re wearing knee highs.

outfit 2 with boots


If you’re after more inspiration, I’ve posted below some photos to get you inspired and ready to wear knee high boots!


All images via: Pinterest





    1. Omg yes!!! Especially in winter, no one wants to shave their legs!!! Xx I always think over the knee boots look so much better with anything but jeans! But sometimes you can’t pull off a skirt or dress in freezing cold weather 😦

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