Welcome back to my blog! For this post I wanted to do something a bit different and make it more of a “chit chat” post.

I want to talk about the one thing we always struggle with; personal style.

As we grow our style always changes, whether it’s a big change or something so small. We all get inspiration from so many things and celebrities are always a big influence and of course the trends.

In the nicest way possible, it’s time to stop dressing like the hottest celebrity – I’m noticing that there are so many people dressing the same, and yes many may have the same taste, it all comes down to ones influence. Dressing like your favourite celebrity is fine and all, but always remember when you see someone like the Kardashians street style, they have a stylist that will style them from walking around to get a juice, to something like the red carpet. Like I said if you want to dress like your favourite celebrity, go for it, but having personal style is important.

We all hit a moment in our life where we either get too caught up in trends or we try to avoid every trend possible. Trends are great, but keeping up to date with them can be so draining, not only for you but your bank account.

  • Stick with the basics – we all have a few pieces we love, for me it’s a white/grey t-shirt and some denim. I love them because I know they never go out of style and they’re just timeless.  Basic’s are always great and they can be anything – someone else’s basic can be a floral dress because they know it suits them and it’s always stylish.


  • Find inspiration – I always look at my favourite instagram pages for inspo when I can’t think of outfits or I’m in a style rut. Finding inspiration is always the best for finding your personal style because you may see someone wearing something you never thought of wearing, and then it becomes your favourite piece. There’s a difference between copying someones style and getting inspiration from it – if you want to have your own personal style don’t copy someone else’s style, take something you love from it and make it your own. It can be hard having something original and we can have similar taste to other people, but that’s when you add a bit of your personality into your outfit to make it your own.


  • New clothes, new you – not really, but going through your clothes can really open your eyes. Every few months I go through my clothes and make two piles, keep & donate. I used to have a maybe pile, but my maybe always ended up in my keep and I never wore it. When it comes to clearing out, don’t give yourself a maybe pile and ask yourself a question WILL I ACTUALLY WEAR IT? and if you say yes and put it in that keep pile, if you don’t wear it in the next week it needs to go.


  • Trends – I do love trends, and now that I’m getting more involved with the fashion industry I feel like I have to keep up with all of the trends, but do we really? Trends are fun, but majority of the time we force ourselves to like them and when we get them our parents are like “I had a pair like that” (atleast my mum does??). I recently got myself a pair of flared trousers, and I first I thought wow I’m only doing this to look soooooo 70’s, but once I tried them on I actually fell in love – I’m such a trouser lover and I know when flares go “out of style” I’ll still be wearing them.


  • Be yourself – time to get a bit cringy but being yourself is important – there’s no point in trying to be and look like someone else. As I said with the inspiration bit, take inspo from your favourite celebs or whoever it is, but be yourself with your outfits. Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean you should force yourself to like it and just because it’s “out of style” doesn’t mean you should stop wearing it. Add a little personality to your outfits, make them you.


Never forget your style will change, I went from dressing like Avril Lavigne to super girly and then country? My style now is still all over the place, I love biker jackets and jeans, but I also love flares and trousers and crisp button up shirts, but that’s what makes my style me – I take a few things I love and I combine them all together and I play around until I like something.

If you have anymore tips on personal style don’t be afraid to leave a comment below, and also tell me how you describe your own style! Are you a bit all over the place like me?





  1. I loved reading this. I really like how you said that your personal style incorporates lots of different and contrasting styles such as biker jackets and flares because personal style doesn’t have to be one look, it can be so many. Often I find myself thinking my personal style must be one signature look but your post has really made me look at it differently again. Love it! X

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      1. Yeah exactly! I looooove vintage and charity shopping but sometimes I find myself not getting something because it doesn’t fit what I believe is my personal style. But I guess personal style is also about having those pieces that you absolutely love and they become a part of your style! X

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      2. Yes!!!! I love playing around with different styles and colours, my favourite at the moment is mustard and I’m in love! I do dig a few trends but I’d rather stick with some basics but add a twist on them! X I love how personal style can change, you’re not always going to be wearing what you wore when you were 16 compared to 20!

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      3. Ahhh yes! I’m really loving playing around with different shades of blue at the moment! I love basics – they’re such a good simple basis for incorporating as many trends as you like. Yeah exactly! My personal style has changed sooo much! I did a massive wardrobe clear out this week and I’ve found clothes I wore years ago and haven’t worn since! I’ll definitely be following your advice and clearing out my wardrobe every few months X

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      4. I could never wear the things I wore when I was younger, my style has matured so much but I love adding a hint of rock n roll! It all depends on my mood as well! If I’m feeling fancy I’ll dress up, or I’ll go completely opposite and wear jeans and a big leather jacket!!! I love clearing out my wardrobe, always find some goodies I forgot I owned hahaha xxx

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      5. Mood plays into it so much! I’m trying to experiment with outfits to make them suitable for both day and evening – I love going out for the day somewhere, especially in summer, and then not having to come home and change for the evening before going back out again. I love how this can be as simple as having a delicate necklace and a bold lipstick in your bag. Haha so true! xxx

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  2. It’s always a pleasure to receive a notification of a new post by Ainsley Louise. Enjoy reading you. So I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award. See the post on my blog ( for details. Congrats! And keep up the good work.

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  3. I love your blog! I think its really important for people to remain true to themselves especially when there is so many different trends, and social media influence. Love your style! If you have a sec i would love it if you checked out my blog and let me know what you think! Thank you! xoxo

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  4. Being yourself when it comes to developing a personal style is so important! For a while I always tried to dress more like a particular person because I liked how it looked on them – but I never felt like myself in those clothes. I think confidence is essential: if you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing, don’t wear it!

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    1. So true!! Personal style isn’t about what others are wearing, and sure you can get inspiration from others but I love showing my personality though my style! If I’m having a day where I feel accomplished or being a boss, I’ll throw on something that makes me feel empowered – or I’ll do the complete opposite and throw on a leather jacket, some jeans and boots and be all rock and roll haahhaah xxx

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