Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I wanted to talk about the beautiful summer trends I’m currently obsessed with and why you should also be obsessed with them!

I think I’ve stated it enough now, but Australia winter can really suck, especially where I live, so it’s always summer. Though I’m such a winter lover, I’m so impressed with this years summer fashion and I really can’t wait for summer so I can start rocking them!

So, here are my favourite summer trends at the moment;



COLOURS – If you’ve read my posts you’d know I’m obsessed with pinks and reds, and now yellow! Bright colours are so perfect for summer, especially red and yellow – they’re so bright and so beautiful; never be afraid to wear colours during any time of the year.


Red skirt here / yellow slip dress here



BLOUSES – You might be thinking why blouses in summer? But blouses are a perfect top for those who are so over a boring tee or want to dress it up a little. To keep in with the summer trends, go for a blouse that is more of a bell sleeve and a blouses that has a pattern on it. Blouses are super cute with denim shorts or a skirt during summer, they’re also really airy so you won’t feel super hot.


Floral embroidered blouse here / white bell sleeved blouse here (OUT OF STOCK)



DRESSES – I feel like dresses are so obvious in summer because it’s hot and no one wants to wear clothes! I’m loving three dresses at the moment; off the shoulder, polka dots and a slip dress. The styles and patterns are so perfect for summer and they’re so fashionable.


Slip dress here / off the shoulder gingham dress here / polka dot dress here



SOMETHING BOLD – My opinion on prints is always changing, but right now I’m loving prints in summer. For me, I find prints hard because I’m so picky, and If I don’t love it within the first five seconds of looking at it then I move on to something else. I found this super cute playsuit on asos and it reminded me of something I’d wear If I ever went to Italy.


Gingham playsuit/romper here / printed culottes here



STRAW – It might sound so weird at first, but all over my instagram I’m seeing straw bags, and at first I was like oh no way that can’t be a thing, but it is and it’s super cute. I’ve always loved a straw hat for the beach, and if you’re someone who is so beachy or plans to be at the beach this summer, get a straw bag!


Straw bag with pompoms here / straw hat here



SNEAKERS – Another obsession of mine lately is sneakers, why? because they’re so comfortable and can look so chic. I love sneakers with a bling factor, I’m not the biggest fan of something plain because I love statement pieces. Sneakers are perfect in summer because you can slide them on and if you’re doing a lot of walking they’re perfect – also if you get burnt feet, wearing sneakers will stop that!


Star sneakers here /  plain sneakers here / pink platform sneakers here

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