Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I wanted to keep it a bit chilled and talk about the one item I will have with me forever.

The LBD ( little black dress) – when I was young I always knew how important the LBD was and how everyone needed to have one, but the one thing I never understood is that the LBD can come in so many different styles and lengths. I always thought it had to be a short bodycon/tight fitting outfit; oh how I was so wrong.

I’m writing this post for those who think the same, and talking about why it’s so important to have a beautiful “little black dress”.


  • Let’s talk about the main thing here; it doesn’t have to be “little” – my definition of little dress is having to wear shorts underneath incase you flash the world. We’re all so different and have different styles, so when it comes to finding an LBD, it doesn’t have to be short! Don’t go too far under the knee, otherwise you’ll turn it into a maxi, my comfortable spot for a dress is just above the knee.


  • I always see posts about ” the new LBD” which is great because sometimes it’s nice to swap colours around and try new things, but nothing will replace the LBD. If you’re going to an event, work function, dinner, shopping, lunch, brunch, picking someone up for the airport, you can wear an LBD. A lot of people think an LBD is only for dressing up, but they’re so wrong. LBD’s are perfect for any occasion, and the perfect thing about them is that you can wear sneakers with it and you can wear beautiful high heels.


  • Another perfect thing about the LBD is that you can pair it with anything and everything. It’s like a blank canvas – you can personalise it however you want. 


I think I’ve rambled a lot about the LBD, so I’ve found some amazing affordable ones on ASOS to show that the LBD can be any type of black dress.

Bell sleeve here / lace sleeve here / button up here

pencil dress here / blazer dress here / leg slit here


I would LOVE to know what your favourite type of LBD is and your favourite way to style it!


– A.L X

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