Welcome back to my blog! As we all know the best week has just come to an end – Haute Couture week.

For those who don’t know, I’m such a HC lover, and I really appreciate designers who put so much hard work and effort into their collections. As always I’ll be talking about my favourite designers from the week and showing my THREE favourite pieces.




I thought this collection was beautiful – I got a sophisticated rock chick vibe and I love it. Also the shoes are just to die for!



I’m a big fan of the brand, and I thought this collection was lovely. I wouldn’t say all of the pieces were my cups of tea but I loved the cuts and the fabric used. I’m also shocked that mesh/sheer is still going strong.



I have so much respect for Karl – the man who has three brands and still makes them so different. I think Fendi is beautiful, especially this collection – I love all of the colours especially the last image, the only thing I hope changes for Fendi is all the fur; I’m not a fur lover and IT IS possible to OTT on fur.



Once again I loved this collection, I’m obsessed with anything Zuhair Murad and I think his gowns are always so beautiful.



I thought this collection was really nice, my favourite one has to be the middle photo! I’m such a sucker for a coat and trousers.



This has to be in my top 3 favourites from HC week – the collection is absolutely stunning and so wearable.



I’m in love with Giambattista Valli, such a beautiful brand and the collection was just stunning.



If I’m honest, this wasn’t my favourite collection, but it was still beautiful. I loved all of the cuts and the fabric looked amazing.



Beautiful collection – I loved every piece.



Once again I’m so bias when it comes to Karl, but I’m so amazed that every collection he makes sure it’s very “coco” and still keeps the original style of Chanel.



Though this was a ready-to-wear collection, Rodarte is one of my FAVOURITE brands and I think this collection is so beautiful – it reminds of a midsummers night dream but more updated.



I wanted to save the best for last and I broke my three photo rule big time. As HC week has ended, the collection that keeps popping up in my mind is Elie Saab’s! He did such an amazing job and every piece was so beautiful!


All images used were from: VOGUE


I would love to know what your thoughts were on Haute Couture week! Are you as obsessed with Elie Saab’s collection like I am?


– A.L X

12 thoughts on “HAUTE COUTURE WEEK 17/18

  1. All the collections you shared are so beautiful. I think I like the Chanel one the best though, but I’m probably biased because I love Chanel so much! I really want to write about Chanel next but just now I’m writing on John Galliano, but it’s on the top of my list for sure. Which is your favourite collection from these ones? xox

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