Welcome back to my blog! In this post I’m going to talk about something a bit different – something I haven’t actually spoken about before.

WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING? If you’re getting a bit older, you’re probably being invited to more weddings, and I’m not too sure about everyone else but the last wedding I went to my mum picked out my outfit. So now we’re all adults and our friends are starting to get married – I have made it easier for those who aren’t ready to adult just yet, and I’ve put together a bunch of dresses, shoes and accessories that is wedding appropriate.

Please consider that every wedding is different, some may have a theme or a colour you shouldn’t wear ( we all know not to wear white unless it’s stated in the invite), and if it’s a beach wedding you’re not going to be wearing heels. Different weddings call for different outfits – you’re not going to head to a beach wedding wearing a formal gown. Unless the bride/invite states anything different, keep your outfits clean and chic; you don’t want to upstage the bride but you also want to look good for the wedding.


When it comes to what to wear to a wedding, I find my go-to is a dress. Dresses are so easy to throw on and they’re stunning. If you’re not the biggest dress fan go for a skirt, trousers or even a jumpsuit. Another thing to note when finding an outfit for a wedding is to go for something colourful ( it all depends on where the wedding is and if the invite states to wear a colour or to avoid one) because colours are so bright and joyful.

yellow dress here / pink dress here  / orange dress here

red jumpsuit here / navy dress here / blue dress here


Now the second most important thing is the shoes! Once again it all depends on where the wedding is – if you’re walking on grass or sand, heels aren’t always the best option, but you can always go fora wedge/thick heel so your heel doesn’t get caught in the ground. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need to stand in your shoes for a bit, so make sure they’re comfy or bring a lot of bandaids!

heeled sandals here / pink velvet heels here / nude/pink heels here

black kitten heels here / blue heels here / silver embellished heels here


The lucky last thing you now need are some accessories! They’re always a must when it comes to beautiful events and also a cross body bag or a clutch bag.


oversized faux pearl earrings here / faux pearl clip headband here  /  hair clip         jewelry here

flower chain bag here/  floral bag here  /  soft pink bag here


I hope this comes in handy for those who are going to a wedding anytime soon! I would also love to know what you would wear to a wedding. 


– A.L X


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