Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m talking about the most popular post I’ve ever done.

My first ever HOW TO DRESS LIKE A “FASHION BLOGGER” post has gone crazy since I’ve posted it and I can’t thank you all enough! I’ve had a few comments on more affordable pieces, and normally I stick to shops like ASOS to find dupes and they’re pretty affordable, but for this post I went straight to MissGuided because they’re so on trend and they’re affordable. At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of the store, but then I saw more things I liked and the price was great – even better that there is ALWAYS a discount code on the website, so you never pay full price, and the quality is good.

So, here are my FIVE tips on how to dress like a fashion blogger – on a budget.

( please note I’m not basing this off any blogger in particular, these are all the main statement pieces I’ve seen from many bloggers.)



FASHIONABLE TOPS – When you’re shopping at an affordable store you’ll see everything is so on trend and up to date, and depending on the price it’s okay to go for the latest trends. The goal is to not spend so much on trends because they come and go. I always like to invest in some basic pieces like jeans or a blouse, but in this case everything is affordable. Keep in mind sometimes expensive doesn’t always mean better.

basic white blouse here / gingham blouse here / fashionable bell sleeve top here



JEANS – I don’t want to talk too much about this one because we all know about jeans. If you’re going to get fashionable jeans make sure they’re cheap, but I love to invest in jeans that never go out of style.

fashionable jeans

fashionable jeans here



TROUSERS – This is my FAVOURITE thing to talk about because I love trousers. I’m not one for trends but I recently bought some flare trousers (from MissGuided as well) and I haven’t taken them off since – they’re my go-to for everything. I love a fashionable trouser because I know when they’re soooo out of style I’ll keep wearing them.


flared trousers here



OUTWEAR – Outwear is always important, in winter and summer; it can always complete your outfit. If you want to add something extra to your outfit, add a coat or a lightweight jacket, especially for those who want to dress casual and then dress it up. Pleather jackets are the best because they’ll never go out of style, but another amazing outwear piece is a blazer. Blazer’s can take you from casual day running around to about to go somewhere fancy and sophisticated.

Pleather (faux leather) jacket here / black blazer here



SHOES– The last and most important tip is shoes! If you’ve read all of my other posts you would know how I feel about shoes and how they’re the most important piece to an outfit. Always find a statement shoe and a shoe you can throw on; for me that’s a nice heeled boot for winter. Shoes are so personal but yet so fashionable, so don’t be afraid to stand out.

red statement heels here / faux leather heeled boot here


I hope you enjoyed reading my tips and I hope they help you out. I would love to know more affordable online stores so don’t be afraid to leave it in the comments.


– A.L X


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