Welcome back to my blog! For this post I wanted to do something realistic and something everyone can do.

Going out somewhere is good fun, until you know you have somewhere to be later but you don’t have time to go home and get changed and then you start to stress out. You should never be afraid to spend the whole day in one outfit and then go out to dinner or something important in that same outfit, we don’t have personal stylist or a big wardrobe full of clothes, so let’s be realistic.

In this post I wanted to talk about something that happens to us a lot – I’ve taken one dress (one for summer and one for winter) and I’ve made it casual and I’ve dressed it up; I’ll also be giving tips for those on the run who want to take an outfit from day, to night.



For those in summer I wanted to keep this super simple because summer is always hot and sticky, and you don’t want to carry around much. I found this red dress that looked perfect for summer, and for my casual look I paired it with a straw bag and some sneakers. As you’ll see for my night look I only replaced the heels, why? Because when it comes to summer dresses, you can take them to the next level by swapping shoes for heels and then you’re ready for any occasion.



Dress (similar) here / straw bag here / sneakers here / mules here



Since I did a summer and winter dress, I wanted to make the summer dress easy because dressing in the heat can suck, but I wanted to add more of my attention onto the winter dresses because if you’re like me during winter, you don’t wear dresses. I really wanted to add more to this outfit – with the summer it was a simple swap of heels, but for winter it’s adding more. This might be one of those outfits you either have in the car with you waiting to quickly change, or if you do get to head home for five minutes for a quick change. For the winter casual, I added a jumper/sweater and some simple boots – I didn’t want to add too much for casual winter because it’s meant to be casual. For the night time look I swapped the sweater for a beautiful coat ( you can always keep the jumper on underneath or even wear the coat as casual) I also went for some high heeled boots because they make the outfit elegant and then I added this beautiful maroon bag because it’s that perfect winter colour. If you are in the rush you can easily wear the bag and coat during the day and then swap the shoes around.




dress (similar here) / sweater here / coat here / casual boots here / heeled boots here / bag here


Thank you for reading this post! I would love to know your favourite outfit and how you would style something from day to night.


– A.L X


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