Welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I wanted to talk about the cutest summer trend – straw bags.

If you haven’t seen straw bags all over your socials, don’t freak out – they’re stunning and so stylish, but because they are straw it can be a bit harder to style. When I first saw these straw bags I was like they’re cute but I wouldn’t see myself in it, then it all changed and I saw more and more photos and it went from a beach bag to an everyday summer bag.




For the first outfit I wanted to keep it super simple but scream “summer”. I went for a gingham dress because they’re so cute and some loafers – when I found this straw bag with the pink pompoms on it I thought it was perfect for the red gingham dress because pink and red are perfect together. This would also look super cute with a straw hat.


gingham dress here  / pompom loafers  here / straw bag here




When it came to the second outfit I wanted to make the outfit itself more of a statement instead of the bag – I found this beautiful Prada straw bag and I thought it looked perfect for an everyday bag during summer. I also saw this beautiful two piece and I wanted to style it with something so I thought a straw bag would be perfect. I wanted to keep the shoes super simple but also make it more fancy instead of casual; mules are perfect for an in between casual and dressy.


polka dot top here /  polka dot skirt here  / gucci mules here / straw bag here


For the last outfit I wanted to keep it really cute but also casual – I found this simple but also fun t-shirt and wanted to pair it with a print pant (would also look so good with denim shorts), I also fell in love with the bag because the pink top was so beautiful. I wanted a lot of colour and patterns in this outfit so gingham shoes were so perfect along with pattern shorts. All the colours compliment each other so much and there’s not one colour to focus on.


printed tee here /  printed pants  here / gingham shoes here / straw bag here

I would love to know if you’re a fan of the straw bag trend? Do you think it’s super cute or shouldn’t be a trend?

– A.L X

11 thoughts on “HOW TO STYLE STRAW BAGS

  1. I’ve seen straw bags all over Instagram but as a student, I’m not sure how useful it will be for me to buy one! I do carry a lot of stuff with me haha! I’ll probably be giving this trend a pass! 🙂

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