Hello and welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I’m talking about how to look fitness chic, without going to the gym.

This post is something about different than what I normally do because I wouldn’t call myself a “fitness lover”. You know when you see all these models being snapped before or after the gym and they look so chic and you sit there going no way you’re working out in that. Well that’s the look I’m here to talk about and hopefully achieve in the post.

Now being real here, when I exercise I look like shit, I wear my tights and an old t-shirt but that doesn’t phase me. The only thing I hate is how comfortable workout clothes are and I want to wear them everywhere, but I always feel guilty putting on my gear but never working out.

I’ve done my research on all these celebrities and what they wear to the gym or even walking around in the active wear and I’ve put it into SIX easy tips!



For the post I’m assuming we have some sort of active wear so I won’t talk about what to buy. But for the first tip I wanted to talk about a pretty important piece of the look, a top. Now if you want the whole ” I’ve been to the gym” look then go for a more fitness shirt, but if not, go for whatever top you’re wanting. I love this one from asos because it’s so cute and so something I’d wear. I always think printed tee’s look so good with sport leggings.

boob shirt

Boob shirt here


I’d say this is the second most important tip; shoes. If you’re going to wear active wear you need to wear sneakers to actually make the outfit otherwise there’s no point. I’m not saying go out and spend $200 on new Nike shoes but that’s so not cool if you’re wanting to only achieve a sporty look and there’s so many affordable sneakers everywhere. When it comes to sneakers and achieving this look, I’d go for a fun sneaker – like pink. Not only is pink so fashionable, it’s such a nice complimenting colour and it’ll never go out of style.

pink sneakers

Adidas sneakers here ( affordable here )


Another thing to remember – (mainly if you’re living somewhere cold)jumpers are so good for looking sporty chic. If you’re actually going to the gym or maybe running around doing things, jumpers are so easy to throw on, especially when you’re just wearing a sports bra or even no bra underneath. Jumpers are that perfect accessory, and if you’re trying to get that model off duty sport look then a jacket is the perfect outwear piece.

grey jacket here / white jumper here


Tip 4 & 5 are basically the same but I didn’t want the tips to be too big so I made sure they were separate. Now I’m not the biggest hat/cap lover but when I think of sport chic I think of a really pretty cap. If you’re not a hat lover like me don’t worry, another perfect accessory that is a must is sunglasses. I’ve talked about sunnies so much but they’re perfect for when you have no make up on and just want to get from A to B but look chic as. Little extra tip; add both sunnies and a hat and people will think you’re a celebrity on the run! (that tip was such a joke but it’s so true)

pink hat

pink cap here


AKA tip no.4 pt 2 – a bag/backpack. Once again bags are so important for everywhere because how are you going to carry everything? I think backpacks are so good for that sport chic look because you can shove all of your stuff into it and it really completes your outfit, not to mention you can actually take it to the gym!

black backpack

black mini backpack here


If I’m completely honest this isn’t a tip. We all see these celebs walking around in their active gear holding a green juice or something healthy, so when it doubt, grab a green juice? Or a coffee? Or if that’s not you maybe a bottle of water because staying hydrated is also fashionable!


That’s all of the tips I have for this post; I hope you all got something out of it, either you’re going to try these looks or you had a laugh at it all! 


– A.L X

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