Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m continuing with my “How to dress like a fashion blogger” series, and the beautiful blogger I’m talking about is Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley.

I’ve been such a big fan of Sara since I saw her on the TV show Fashion Bloggers. Her style is so simple yet so classic, and that’s what I love about Sara. If you already know who she is then you’d know how classic her style is, but if you don’t I’ll easily explain it; back to basics. Sara is QUEEN of basics and will always be seen wearing jeans and a classic shirt. The thing I love the most about Sara is that this is her style, she’s not trying to keep up with the latest trends, she wear’s the things she likes. Everything about her is simple, from her outfits to her make-up.





images via: Harper & Harley


Now that you have a rough idea of Sara’s style, I have done my usual homework and found SIX affordable pieces that you will need for trying to achieve her looks!



Since we’re taking it all back to basics, let’s start with the most simple piece – Jeans. We all own jeans and we either love them or don’t, but jeans are a must when getting style like Sara because she totally lives in them.

basic jeans

simple high-waist jeans here



Another basic must-have is a simple white button up t-shirt. Why? Because not only does Sara wear it like her jeans (and totally with her jeans) but they’re a wardrobe basic and everyone needs to own one. Throughout this post it’ll be all the basics because that’s what Sara loves to wear and totally rocks.

white tee

white button up shirt here



This tip is also so simple and it’s all about the colour pallet. When picking colours, always go for white/black/grey/navy and even khaki if you’re feeling a colour but not fully committing to one. Once you have your favourite go-to colour, it’s time to buy everything in that colour. One major tip I always recommend when it comes to picking colour is try to do something different, don’t always go for a white tee or black bottoms, add a hint of colour; even if it’s washed out blue denim.

grey shirt

grey t-shirt here



When sticking with basics, make sure you find that perfect dress. If you look on Sara’s instagram you’ll see she’s not afraid to wear a dress or two – so when you’re looking for that perfect dress, keep it simple and make it you. It’s a lot easier to dress something up than to dress it down.

black dress

Black dress here



Get that shoe right! You can tell Sara is a big believer of comfort clothes because she is always rocking the sneakers and flats (I don’t blame her). If you’re a big lover of shoes don’t be afraid to swap heels for some flats, your feet will thank you!

white sneaker

Simple white sneakers here



The lucky last tip is something I’ve talked about before and that’s the amazing accessories. I’ve said it many times before that accessories aren’t my strongest point – I’ve been wearing the same Tiffany & Co. necklace for two years now and that’s it, but I’m trying to experiment with accessories. If you’re like me and you’re a bit afraid of accessories or they’re just not your thing, go for something classic and keep it simple. Another thing to do is find your colour, you might be a silver person or gold, and once you find out which colour suits you the most and which one you like the most, everything becomes easier.

gold earrings

faux pearl and gold earrings here


If you’ve made it down this far congratulations and thank you for reading! I would love to know if your style is like Sara’s, are you more into the basics than the trends? 


– A.L X


  1. I’d have to say I’m pretty into basics for the most part, but namely because my lifestyle dictates it. That said, I love to jazz things up with scarves.

    Also, your jewelry rut may be because your necklace is your favorite piece and goes with everything. You need more jewelry you like equally as much so you’re incentivized to mix it up from day to day. Check out vintage shops and antique stores for some really cool pieces. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Scarves are a bit tough. I usually stick with neck styles because I’m afraid I’ll end up culturally appropriating… well, a culture. >,<
        Be careful with earrings! I see older ladies with super saggy lobes so I stick with lightweight earrings. Might be something to consider. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m all about cute neck scarfs!! My dream is to have Hermes ones!!! And omg thank you!!! I tend to go for light earrings anyway because I feel like it’ll rip my lobe hahaha!! Xx


      3. Hermes makes really nice scarves but they’re overpriced, for sure. I reccomend learning how to identify fakes and double checking a used one you want to buy on the purseforums. There’s plenty of older ones, and I say there’s no shame in buying one with a stain or fading. Faded ones look gorgeous and more pastel(I was super eyeing one on eBay until I found my plisse one), and stained ones can usually be folded and worn in a way that easily hides them(mine had a stain and after it was dry cleaned and didnt go away, I accidentally burned a non-hermes silk scarf. I determined that the stain on my hermes one must be from an iron burn because it was where the plisse was the weakest- I think someone tried to iron it out before me. 😅
        I look at it like a car. You worry so much until the first scratch happens. I say get a bargain and don’t worry about the scratches of life. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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