Hello and welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I wanted to talk about something that’s seen everywhere in the fashion industry – “colour clashing”.

If you don’t know what colour clashing is, it’s basically wearing two or more colours that people say shouldn’t go together; but it’s fashion, everything can work. I don’t believe in “colour clashing” and I think you can wear whatever colours you want, even if someone says they should never be paired together.

When I was a lot younger and getting into fashion, I thought everything had to look neat and “perfect”, but as I got older and more into the industry I realised how that’s so not true. You can love basics and wear them/ have them as your style, and you can also wear the rainbow and still look fashionable. I do love the moods of colours, like wearing yellow is happy and all of that jazz, but I swear colours because I like them, not because of my mood.

For those who tend to stick with what they know, don’t be afraid to colour clash – I’ll be giving THREE tips on how to nail colour clashing. I normally tend to give out five + tips, but I wanted to keep this post simple, and there’s really not much to it.



EXPERIMENT – If you’re into fashion, I’m 110% sure you will spend time playing around with outfits seeing what looks good and what doesn’t – that’s the easiest way to get into colour clashing. Grab all the coloured clothing in your wardrobe and throw them on, seeing what you like and seeing what you don’t like. Another thing to remember is that colour clashing doesn’t mean bright orange and green, it can be any colours and any shades.



GO FOR THE COLOURS YOU LOVE –  I’m not going to be that person to say go for the colours that suit you because I don’t believe in that. You can love any colour and wear it/ making it work, so never believe just because you look one way doesn’t mean you can’t wear something. When I was studying styling I was always taught about silhouettes and skin tones and what looks best, but fashion is all about expressing yourself and wearing what you love, so I’m against finding thing’s that suit you.

Another great thing for colour clashing is going for a colour you don’t wear and pairing it with a colour you do wear and love. For example; If you love to wear pink, find something green but make the pink your “basic” and the green your “statement” piece – for beginners it’s a lot easier to colour clash with colours you’re more comfortable with but don’t be afraid to try new things.



WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE – clothes should always bring you joy when you wear them, but you should always feel confident in everything you wear. If you’re going out to the shops wearing sweatpants, do it with confidence. They always say confidence is key to success and confidence is also key to looking fabulous. When colour clashing, no matter what it is you’re wearing, wear it with confidence or don’t wear it at all.


Now that’s all the tips I have for colour clashing, but ill add below some photos for those who want some inspo on wearing fun colours together.



All images via: Pinterest



I would LOVE to know what your favourite colours are to clash? Or if you’re wanting to try them out!


– A.L X

23 thoughts on “HOW TO COLOUR CLASH

  1. Love this list! May I propose a fourth tip? Be BOLD. These looks are bold by nature, and I think being a little more daring than usual reflects nicely with the looks as well. It gives you a chance to be someone a little different. 😀

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