Hello and welcome back to my blog!! For today’s post I’m doing a little “chit chat” and talking about something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

I’ve been into fashion since I was so little and I’ve watched the trends grow from late 90’s, early 2000’s to now and I can’t help but think about how much has changed. Obviously fashion changes, trends come and go blah blah blah we all know what the go is with trends, but as 2018 is approaching it freaks me out to know what the biggest trends are going to be next year. There’s always going to be that one trend that is just like WHYYYY, but there will also be so many trends that are like omg amazing!! What I’m trying to get at is that 2017 has had some pretty trends, nothing too crazy but yet nothing boring; straw bags and gingham, super cute for summer, and even flares/ bell sleeve. The thing I love the most about this year’s trends is that it’s all really over exaggerated, a brand will take a normal jumper and throw some huge sleeves on it and it becomes a big fashion trend.


Another thing I really wanted to talk about is originality and how the fashion industry tricks so many people – including me.

A lot of us want to live a glamorous life, and if you’re wanting to get somewhere in the fashion industry you probably dream about going to Paris and working with Chanel or Gucci (or is that just me?) but the fashion industry is so hard! I’m not complaining so please don’t think I am – I’m a hard worker and love being in this industry, but I’m sick of it being so portrayed as such a glamorous industry. Yeah there’s the perks of fashion shows and sometimes being sent stuff and having connections, but you have to start at the bottom to get to that point and go through a lot of shit to reach the top. Being in the fashion industry involves late nights, early mornings, long days and big dark circles around your eyes, so if you’re not prepared for no sleep and long days, maybe this isn’t the industry for you.

To my second point, I feel like originality is slowly dying in this industry; I’m not saying everyone needs to be different and have a major wow factor, but the wow factor does help. I’ll spend a good few minutes scrolling on my instagram feed and I swear I see the same photos every time – a lot of people have that style, but I feel like people in the fashion industry catch on to a trend, either you’re all about minimalism or you’ve got a carefree Parisian look Β (WHICH ARE BOTH SO AMAZING) but I feel like we lose who we are and our personal style. Sometimes you need to cut out the trends or the hottest/ famous personalities and just be you, buy the things you love and wear them with confidence.


I would love to know if anyone else feels the same or if it’s just me? Also I love having a Carrie Bradshaw moment where I just write about how I feel – I promise I won’t do it often because I base myself on how to and style tip posts, but I like being me and saying how I feel!


– A.L X


    1. I totally agree with that!! We all have moments when we lose our style and get inspired by other people, what I was trying to say is that I’m over people dressing one way because of the trends or because someone else is dressing that way! Xx


  1. I see that as well. I fond with everyone chasing trends, it’s hard to tell those women apart in my Instagram feed(making it hard to get to know them). I follow about 20 blogs and everyone has such a unique sense of style, I love it. It’s also partly why I’m all about secondhand, it’s unique compared to the fast fashion brands. I like to think I’m minimalist- I’m looking to move into a camper so I can’t have a TON of stuff and I want my space to be clean, but I want a fun and chic look that’s VERY me. If I don’t like it, how can I be confident in it?

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    1. Yes exactly!!! Sometimes I get so confused to who is posting what because it’s all the same, and I totally agree with following fashion bloggers who are different! I follow pagesbymegan and some things I would never wear but I just love her style, it’s funky and different! Exactly about the confidence, wear what you love and be creative! Show your personality through clothes! Xx

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      1. Ahhh, her site is under construction! *pout*
        It’s always fun to live vicariously through people who are into different things than us. Even if a style isn’t ours, we can still find it cool, and even learn about a different culture- in fact I might be doing a post soon on trying out for a grindcore band. Unusual for fashionistas, but who knows? A reader may look into the genre more and decide they dig Cattle Decapitation and become a metalhead. πŸ˜‚

        Ohhh boy, I went on a tangent! All from someone wearing clothes you or I might not want to wear. πŸ˜›

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      2. Hahahahaha exactly!!! Omg try her Insta!!! I watch a lot of youtubers and I’m like wow I’m so jealous, but I’d rather create my own future instead of watching someone else!!!
        It’s always good to do the things you love though, if you’re a fashion blogger that doesn’t mean you can/should only talk fashion, talk whatever the heck you want!! I’m thinking of doing music related on here because I’m obsessed with David Bowie and would love to talk about his style and his influence on fashion!! Xx

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        Even if it puts us into a lifestyle/fashion hybrid sort of category, I think it’s great, so long as we’re being authentic to ourselves and our audience.
        I’m also seriously considering getting a camper to live in, so I imagine that would be a big aspect of the blog once that gets really going, especially since I want to make it look luxe and be quality and such. I may be considered “trailer trash” when I live in it, but I want it to feel like a little condo when inside. πŸ™‚

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      4. Yes so true!!! Omg you should do it! Maybe look into filming/ YouTube because that would be amazing to watch! Everyone thinks fashion people live in the most fancy and rich houses, but taking something like a camper and doing it up would be so cool!! It just shows you don’t need fancy materialistic things to still be fashionable!! X

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      5. I already do Youtube, just not for that as of yet. ^///^;””
        But YES! That’s part of the reasoning behind my handle! Sustainability, affordability, and timelessness all rolled into one!
        For instance, thrifting is the most eco way to shop, whether on or offline.
        Thrifting is also the cheapest way to shop nine times out of ten.
        The timelessness comes from the fact that even if it’s designer in a thrift shop, odds are you won’t buy it unless it fits your style- enabling you to focus on your style more than your wallet.

        And omg, I never thought of this before but the meanings(there’s even more) behind my handle would make for a good post as well! :O

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      6. That’s seriously so true!! You have such a great idea of what you want to talk about and prove to the industry that you can love fashion while also care for the environment and I love that! I’m all about Eco friendly and taking care of our planet! While also being fashionable hahahaha

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      7. Literally the tagline on my site is “Eco, yes. Crunchy, no.” xD
        People seem to think only hippies can care about the planet. It’s amazing what individual actions can do- especially when you destroy stereotypes.
        We should do a collab on the things we regularly do to be eco and chic at the same time! πŸ˜€ You down?

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  2. I totally agree about people having a mindset of how a person in the fashion industry looks like coz I have been judged a lot coz of it. They do not consider as to how much attention, study and sleepless nights it takes to make one style. But ya I would say the satisfaction you get when you identify your style is not something that can be put in words

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  3. Great post! I definitely recognise some things you mentioned. Especially about the fact that it seems like everybody on Instagram has that same minimalistic / Parisian style (which is very beautiful tho).

    When I was around 11 / 12 years, I loved fashion! I would make things myself on my moms sewing machine and would wear all that with confidence to school, always being so happy and proud of what I had created. But years passed and slowly I started to get very insecure about what I was wearing. Especially by seeing all these girls on Instagram with those perfect expensive outfits.

    I lost my personal creative style in fashion and it’s really hard to find that back. Trends are great, but they should complement your own style instead of taking it over. Great that you addressed this topic, I really enjoyed taking the time to let it sink in and think about it!

    Much love,
    Lysbeth from https://lysbethchristina.com

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    1. This is so spot on!!! I fell in love with the Gucci t-shirts, but I’m sorry who is going to pay $500 for one hahaha, and then it was EVERYWHERE and dupes were being made – I’m not the biggest fan of dupes but sometimes they’re okay, but I saw exact replicas of the Gucci logo tee and it was just everywhere and I started to hate it! Trends can be so cool, but not when everyone is wearing the exact same thing! Xx

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      1. Yes they’re everywhere!!! I get a lot of people like the same thing / have the same taste, but when it’s seen everywhere you get turned off it because you don’t want what everyone else has hahahaha xx

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    1. My advice is go to lots of fashion events, like in your local mall / fashion week / store openings and connect with other bloggers and stylist! Internships are good as well for connections! It’s just putting yourself out there and connecting with others! If you go to a fashion event and see someone you follow on Instagram or follow their blog, go up to them and chat to them! Xx


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