Hello and welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I wanted to talk about two colours that I’m absolutely obsessed with and that are making a big comeback.

My favourite colour clash is red and pink, and lucky for us all they’re currently the hottest and trendiest colours. Now red & pink are not new to the fashion world and have been done for years, infact it’s never really gone out of style it’s just getting bigger again – thank you to those bringing it back via street style!

If you’re a bit iffy on the colours or a bit afraid to colour clash, don’t worry; I have a inspiration post on RED & PINK and HOW TO COLOUR CLASH.

So, here are my THREE outfit ideas for those wanting to rock pink & red but don’t know where to start;



If you’re new to trying colours, always start small and what you’re comfortable in. I found this beautiful cami and skirt and I thought they would look perfect together. It’s easier to wear colours when you’re confident in what you’re wearing; if you go for a skirt that you have or something similar that you wear to death, try it in a red or a pink. I find the best colour to invest in is red because it suits me and I love it, also red is never going out of style.

red skirt here / pink cami top here



This outfit is taking it to the next step, a coat is always perfect especially if you’re in winter, but instead of a simple camel or black coat, go for a pink or red. I love pink coats because if you live somewhere like England where spring is still cool, you can totally pull out the coat and the colour will never go out of style. I thought a red cami dress would be amazing because they’re totally in but I feel like slip dress look so luxury when they’re in red, navy or black -sometimes pink so don’t be afraid to switch these two around. To take this outfit even further go for a lighter shade pink or red heels, or even a red bag.

pink coat here / red slip dress here



This outfit is for those who love bright colours and want to stand out, or just take a risk with their fashion. I love bright/hot pink, especially with a bright strong red – If you look at street style outfits of beautiful people wearing red and pink, you’ll notice a lot of the shades are very bold and make a statement. You don’t need to go for bright shades, sticking with softer shades is playing it safe but never be afraid to stand out.

NOTE: This is not a dress, apparently it’s a blazer but I would totally wear this as a dress.

pink blazer/dress here / red heels here


I wanted to keep this post pretty short because there’s not much to it, just don’t be afraid to only wear pink and red because we all know they’re amazing colours!! I would love to know what your favourite colour combos are?


– A.L X


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