Hello and welcome back to my blog! As you can see from the title today I’m talking about airport outfits!

Now I’ve been to many airports and have traveled a lot in the past, and lately I’ve been seeing articles/photos of bloggers wearing beautiful outfits to the airport and I just sit there like that can’t be real?! I am all for looking stylish but when it comes to the airport and flying, I always look like a homeless person, why? Because I like to be comfortable. Then it hit me, do a blog post on being comfortable and fashionable? Now these pieces I have found may not be all Gucci but it’s comfort and it’s a good way to still feel fashionable while being comfortable.

These tips are mainly aimed at travelling to colder places (though you can totally wear them at any time because flights are cold) and it’s more towards longer flights.



DON’T BE AFRAID OF LOUNGE WEAR: I am all for lounge wear/ track pants and big jumpers, especially when travelling because they’re so comfortable, but yes they’re not THAT stylish! I found some comfortable looking track pants but also ones that you could dress up and take it from lounge wear to street style airport wear.

zip trackpants here / black track pants here / red trackpants here



MAKE SURE YOUR TOP HALF IS COMFY: Okay if I’m totally honest, I will try not wearing bra’s on flights or having a lace bra/sports bra on because ladies, we all know the pain of bra’s – especially when you’re sitting there for hours!!!! So don’t be afraid of oversized tops, especially because they’ll keep you warm.

stripe oversized top here / femme power t-shirt here / oversized crop here



JUMPERS: continuing with the second tip, jumpers are also needed! If you want to wear a t-shirt or a singlet, bring a jumper because everyone freezes on a flight – does anyone actually know why it’s always so cold?? If you’re going for a stylish look, go for a stylish jumper, even if you’re wearing an oversized top. The key to nailing the stylish in-flight look is what you pick – you could wear a beautiful bright colour and look incredibly stylish.

I added a “jumper dress” for those who are so not into the whole trackpants.

orange jumper here / burgundy jumper here / jumper dress here



OUTWEAR: Now if you’re traveling somewhere cold, you’ll need a coat, but the trick to coats is don’t pick the biggest coat you can find. Remember you will be stuck next to people and there’s never room on flights, so go for a coat that’s thin because you can layer up, and easily store away. I feel like coats make everything so stylish, especially if you’re wearing track pants.

yellow coat here / navy coat here



SHOES: Okay tip no.5 is the most IMPORTANT tip ever, why? SHOES WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOUR OUTFIT! Now this is all about being comfortable and looking stylish, so boots or sneakers are key. I will always wear my converse because they’re so comfy and I like wearing socks on the plane. Boots are perfect for flying as well because they’re comfy and they make you look stylish – this post hasn’t been so promising because all I’ve talked about is oversized clothes, but TRUST ME, boots and trackpants look amazing together, throw on a coat or an oversized jumper and people will be thinking you’re a celebrity. Another good shoe is a loafer/slipper, but as I love wearing socks on the flight and taking my shoes off, this would only be good on short flights.

star sneakers here / white sneakers here / pink sneakers here / black boots here



THAT PERFECT BAG: If you’re like me and end up taking more than you need on a flight, than invest in a tote bag. Tote bags are a lifesaver for traveling – I’m someone who needs my skincare, a little bit of make up, my laptop, snacks (A LOT OF SNACKS), maybe a change of clothes, and a lot of little things; so when I travel it’s a bit crazy. It’s better to find totes that zip up all the way, but if not just make sure everything in your bag is secure. Backpacks are also great but if you’re wanting the whole effortless chic I totally didn’t plan my outfit for the airport look then tote bags are the best.

If you’re not someone who will redo make up on the flight ( I’m all for no make up on flights) then all you need are some oversized sunglasses and you’re good to go!

zip tote bag here / faux suede tote here / faux croc tote here


Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know what your go-to outfit is for the airport or one thing you always need with you when traveling?


– A.L X


  1. I love wearing bralettes on a flight. I don’t think I couldn’t wear a bra because my boobs are so pointy it’s very noticeable that I wouldn’t be wearing one haha. Also, I had a friend who had so much stuff and couldn’t fit her things in her luggage, so she wore like 3 pants, 4 tops, a jumper, and a jacket on the flight – goodness, it looked so uncomfortable!

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com


    1. I’d love to go without a bra but I get what you mean, sports bra’s are so comfortable!! My mum always taught me to wear my heaviest stuff on the plane and depending where I go I take so many clothes as a carry on – I’m not the best packer either! X

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