Hello and welcome back to my blog! As you can see from the title today I’m talking about how to style the slip dress.

If you’re not living under a rock you’d know the slip dress is taking over the world, and we are not complaining! I’m not the biggest fan of dresses but I will wear the slip dress to death because its;

A) Comfortable

B) Super cute

C) Easy to wear

D) So fashionable

E) Not going out of style

F) Did I say comfortable?

The slip is seriously the perfect statement piece and is so easy to wear from day to night, also styling it is super fun and you can get so creative with it.

For this how to style I’m doing something a bit different, it’s basically a mixture of my how to style but also get the look for less? Instead of doing the whole putting pieces together and trying to imagine it on yourself, I’ve actually found photos of amazing fashion bloggers rocking the slip. The reason why I wanted to do this is because I had so much inspiration for the images but thought it would look too confusing, then when I cam across other bloggers I thought yes that’s what I had in mind! Also they’re such creative styles and some things I wouldn’t think of doing.

Before we get into the how to style bit, I found a few different styles of the slip dress that is perfect for everyone.


navy slip here / blue slip here / silver slip here

black midi here / pink slip here/  black slip here

If you’re not familiar with the slip dress then I’d recommend sticking with black – length is completely up to you and your style. The best thing about slip dresses is that they can be worn any season.



For the first outfit I wanted to find something simple and if I’m being honest, no one styles a slip dress better than Aimee Song from Song of Style! When I found this photo I thought it was perfect because it’s really simple and clean. I love the loafers, but I also think sneakers or heels would also look perfect with this dress.




The next photo I found is my ultimate girl crush Camille Charriere aka Camille Over the Rainbow! The thing that caught my eye about this photo was the sweater – sweaters and slip dresses look perfect together, especially when it’s winter and you’re wanting to wear a dress. This outfit would’ve also looked amazing with some classic sneakers.




For the last outfit I wanted to find something out there, so I went back to Aimee Song and she did not disappoint. I know the whole “jeans under dresses” trend tried to sneak it’s way in and If I say it’s such an ugly trend, BUT if you do it right it can look stylish. Another great way to style the slip is just a t-shirt underneath, especially if you’re not comfortable with the no bra deal or you want to jazz it up but keep it casual.



For more inspiration on the slip dress check out my inspo post HERE – I really wanted to do something different with this post and not my usual flatlay whatever you call it. I find a lot of inspiration from people like Aimee and Camille and when I came across their photos I thought it would be a perfect way to show how to style the slip dress!

All images via:

Song of Style  & Camille Charriere

I would love to know if you’re loving this trend or totally hating it? Also what would you style it with? 


– A.L X


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