Hello and welcome back to my blog! As you can see from the title I’m about to get into a real and serious addiction – online shopping.

If you’re someone like me and loves to online shop than this will be Christmas for you! Now I do love going into stores, but let’s be real, sometimes they never have what you want, or your size, or you can’t be bothered trying anything on; or maybe you’re like me and would rather shop in bed!

Online shopping can get expensive, no one buys ONE thing, it’s an outfit, some accessories, oh look shoes! So I’ve done my research and found some places that I’ve shopped from and places that ship worldwide (because I live in Australia and some of these are Australian based). Now this will go from really affordable/well known stores to independent boutiques and a bit more to the expensive side.

Now I’m all for some deals with clothing, but I do love shopping at local stores and buying things that aren’t always mass produced in China.



So for this I don’t want to get into too much detail because we know them all – ASOS / MISSGUIDED / THE ICONIC / NA-KD /  PRETTY LITTLE THING  / SHOWPO


As I don’t want to talk about the main stores we all know, I’ve found some smaller retail stores (some may be bigger in different countries) and all of them ship worldwide.



I came across this brand on instagram and instantly fell in love, they’re prices are in USD or CAD but they do ship worldwide.

Shop Oak + Fort here


This was another brand I came across on instagram and fell in love! Now they’re more towards the expensive side but the quality look amazing. I wouldn’t say it’s somewhere to buy a lot but they do amazing pieces if you’re after something in really good quality. I’d spend a little extra for their pieces.

Shop Frankie here


I’ve been shopping at BB for YEARS now, and they’re affordable with really nice brands. At the moment they’re not really my style, but I can always find pieces I would wear and pieces I love.

Shop Beginning Boutique here


Princess Polly is another store I love! If you’re a festival babe this store is totally for you.

Shop Princess Polly here


I absolutely love Sabo Skirt and I love all the pieces they have. If you’re going on a summer holiday I recommended getting everything you need on Sabo Skirt – they have swimmers as well and they’re affordable.

Shop Sabo Skirt here



Note: These aren’t AS expensive but I would be lying if I said they’re affordable. We all have different ideas of what expensive is, so to me these last brands are more on the pricey side but would be worth saving for. 



As I said this is more towards the expensive side of things but all the pieces are so beautiful.

Shop Maurie & Eve here


Once again another brand that is more on the expensive side but so worth it! Another reason why Reformation is such a good brand is that they care about our environment which let’s be honest, it’s what should be happening in the industry!

Shop Reformation here


Realisation is another expensive but yet AMAZING brand and is seen everywhere!

Shop Realisation Par here


I actually enjoyed writing this post because these are all brands I love and would/do shop at! I would LOVE to know if you’d like a pt.2 one day, and if you have a favourite affordable brand? 

– A.L X

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