Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to be giving a little rundown on Spring fashion.

For those who are now into Fall/Autumn, this post isn’t all for you, but you can take a few things that would be perfect for fall. So Australia has officially hit Spring and for the first time in my life I’m actually excited to wear spring/summer clothing! As we were in winter while half of the world was in summer, I found a lot of fashionable pieces I wanted to try out this spring.

Spring trends haven’t changed at all, obviously new pieces come and go so if you’d like to see what trends are popping this Spring, I did a blogpost a while ago about the trends which you can check out HERE

Now getting into the important of spring trends, what’s here to stay;



It’s not rocket science that spring is full of colour, and am I complaining? Hell no! I recently bought myself a mustard jacket for winter, and now mustard/yellow is everywhere. I LOVE yellow, I think it’s such a perfect colour for any season and can be worn in so many ways. This year there’s no pastels which I’m also loving because it’s time for the brighter colours to shine. Red is always on trend, but once again it’s out to shine, we also know pink is here to stay forever! The main colour everyone needs right now, for winter and summer is yellow – for winter, go for a deep mustard and for summer, a nice happy yellow.



We all know I’m not a dress fan, but trust me when I say dresses this year are better than ever. Infact I have bought a few dresses I cant wait to wear this summer. Now getting the perfect dress is so important, you want something that’s flowy but not a maxi, midi only! Also a beautiful pattern and a soft but statement colour. For those heading into winter, don’t forget about the trusty slip dress!



Spring is known for floral’s (groundbreaking) but frills are so the new floral’s! I was never a fan of fringe/ frills, but when there’s frill dresses it really hits the trend spot for spring! Another way to work in statement pieces are colours of course, go for bright reds and yellows. A great statement piece especially for those in autumn, blazers – I’m seeing check blazers everywhere and they’re becoming the hottest trend. Any type of blazer will make you look stylish so don’t be afraid to play with colour – another thing to note, it’s all about the oversized blazers, no more fitted.



You’ll either love it or hate it, but straw bags are still in and they’re so cute. I’m looking for that perfect straw bag because they’re so perfect for summer and on trend, but for me, it’s something I’d still use, especially on a holiday to the beach.



yellow blazer here / polka dot dress here / red dress here / pink dress here

yellow dress here / blue top here / off the shoulder bag here / bamboo bag here


I would love to know what your favourite spring trend is? And how you would style it!

– A.L X

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