Hello and welcome back to my blog!

For today’s post I really wanted to jump straight into it – as you can see from the title it’s another get the look for less. I really love this series but WOOOWWWW it takes a lot of time, but it’s always so worth it.

Today’s look for less is the queen herself, Alexa Chung.

Quick note: It’s fashion week/month at the moment and I won’t be doing separate posts on the shows but I will be doing one big post towards the end; if you want to see my favourites from the show follow me HERE. 




I LOVE Alexa’s style, it’s so effortless and edgy and really has that I don’t give a shit look, which is what I love the most. You’ll notice in the other’s there’s 3/4 photos of her wearing jeans and I know that might seem a bit like WHHYY but that’s Alexa.

I love this outfit because it’s simple but yet the red sandals make everything pop and take something casual to a bit more dressed up.


blue shirt HERE / leather jacket HERE / jeans HERE / red sandals HERE



Everyone should know by now that red is my colour and I have always been obsessed; when I saw this photo I was like I need to add it, it’s perfect. Once again I love how casual it is but the statement red jacket really takes the outfit to the next level.


red jacket HERE / printed t-shirt HERE / ballet flats HERE / jeans HERE / pouch HERE



Finally a photo without jeans, for now! I saw this beautiful photo and I was like it’s totally in, slip dresses are so perfect and she’s styled it perfectly. It’s such a beautiful pink that many people would see it as “girly” or “feminine” but instead Alexa paired it with boots and a leather jacket. I couldn’t find a dupe of the jacket because there’s no tassels in trend, but I did go for a different looking jacket. Also who knew it would be so hard to find a pink slip dress? It took me almost two hours to find!


pink slip dress HERE / leather jacket HERE / boots HERE



Okay so for this outfit we’re back to the jeans, sorry! I love this look and it’s so perfect for those going into winter! There’s so much going on but it doesn’t hurt the eyes and they’re all so complementing. Once again the exact jacket was mission impossible so I went with a green faux fur jacket/coat that would look perfect with the outfit. I also couldn’t tell if she’s wearing a scarf or if it’s another shirt underneath.


stripe blouse HERE / fur jacket HERE / jeans HERE / boots HERE


Thank you for reading my post, I appreciate YOU for following me and choosing to read my posts! I would LOVE to know if you’re so in love with Alexa’s style like I am? And if there’s another celebrity you’d like me to talk about on this look for less series!

– A.L X


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