Hello and welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I wanted to share my current shoe wishlist.

As I’m officially in spring, I thought it would be time to get my shizzz together and start building up my S/S outfits. I was on ASOS like always and I found so many shoes I wanted, which is a big first for me. I wanted to make sure they’re bright colours but also shoes I can throw off and slide them on because I’m all about comfort, especially with shoes.

I really wanted something that I could wear running around, going to the shops or going to an event; I also wanted to make sure everything was wearable from day to night. Some of my picks are really summery but I know they are shoes I’ll wear forever and wear during winter.



white shoe with buckle here / star espadrilles here / black ballet flats here

red ballet flats here / leopard print slider here / purple sneaker here

yellow mules here / metallic heel here


As I said I wanted my picks to be perfect for summer, so when I found the yellow mules (that come in more colours) and the red ballet flats, I knew they would be a summer must have. I do love heels but I will be in flats more than heels, but that won’t stop me from getting more, especially when they’re metallic and would also look amazing in winter! I also found the leopard print sliders which I thought would be so perfect for everyday wear, same with the purple sneakers. I also love the dior look-a-like ballet flat, they seem so comfortable and so versatile. Another big trend I’m loving are stars, I think they’re so cute but also so fashionable and can be worn in so many ways.



Thank you so much for reading my post! I would love to know your opinions on my picks, are they your thing, or not at all?

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– A.L X

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