Hello and welcome back to my blog!

If you’re a fellow fashionista like myself, you’ll know fashion month has kicked off and it’s better than ever!

I love fashion month because it’s a whole month full of fashion, inspiration, outfits, shoes, everything! Now I won’t get into too much detail about the month because we’re only at London and I’ll be doing a huge post towards the end about the trends and what I’m loving.

This post is 110% dedicated to what’s on the streets of fashion month, yes, the amazing street style. This season I feel like street style is more simple and not so crazy, which I don’t mind because I love simple and I love crazy, but there’s trends I’m constantly seeing and trends that can be incorporated for Summer and Winter!




Don’t get me started on the check blazer trend, I AM IN LOVE! Check blazers are EVERYWHERE and if you don’t have one, run to your nearest shop and get one because they’re everywhere. What I love the most about this trend is that it’s perfect for any season and will go on forever – it’s here to stay. I love checks because they can be styled so many ways and they’re classic pieces. If you’re not into blazers don’t you worry, check pants, dresses and skirts are also so beautiful and perfect for any season.




Now this trend is to die for, suits; but not your average suits. Seriously we’re fashion lovers here, who is going to go for a normal day-to-day work suit, I don’t think so. Suits are also everywhere and I’m not complaining one bit. If you’re someone who loves an effortless chic look, or even a “girl boss” look, this is for you. If you’re wanting to rock a suit, my only two tips are, oversized and bright colour.



It’s no surprise that everyone is wearing monochrome outfits because what else is there to wear? But I’m loving the creativity with it all – I find with street style some outfits are totally not wearable for everyday, and that’s why people wear it for street style during fashion week, but this season everything is so wearable.



The last tip is so obvious but I wanted to talk about it, colours. I’ve talked about wearing colours so much on my blog and I feel like this season of fashion week there’s so much colour. As you know the show seasons ahead, so for those going into winter they’re showing Spring/Summer 2018, and normally there’s a lot of winter outfits this time of the year but there’s a lot of spring colours. I’m not saying you can only wear colour during spring because that’s so not true, I encourage everyone to wear colours whenever they want. I’m loving the pinks, yellows, blues and red, but once again that’s to be seen as they’re the main colours. For those heading into winter, don’t be afraid to wear bright colours, and for those going into summer, take advantage over it.


That’s all the trends I have found so far, if you’re wanting to see more fashion week photos head to my styling instagram @ainsleylouisestyling, don’t be afraid to give it a follow – I like to post a lot of fashion!Β 

I would love to know if there’s any trends you’re loving and wanting to try out? Also if you’d like a how to style on some of the trends!Β 

– A.L X

63 thoughts on “FASHION WEEK TRENDS

  1. Hello from London Fashion Week! Love your round up and couldn’t agree more about colours. I’ve taken the winter trends for coats, knee high boots and belted in dresses and suits and put together what bags to wear with them. Pop by and let me know what you think. BW

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