Hello and welcome back to my blog! As you can see from the title this post is all about street style; but why?

For those who are getting into fashion or wanting to learn more, please keep on reading. I wanted to do a post where I just talk about fashion and why people love it, but then I saw someone say something about how fashion week is all about shows and we shouldn’t care about street style? But they’re totally wrong.


For those who don’t know, street style (AT FASHION WEEK) is blogger/buyers/anyone going to fashion shows, having their photo taken and it’s completely outfit based. You don’t need to be famous to have a street style photo taken, it’s all about what you’re wearing and how you’ve styled it.

Now onto the main issue – I feel like some don’t understand how important street style is and how it creates fashion. The best thing about street style/going to fashion shows is that no one is telling you how to dress and there’s no “rules”, you can rock up in anything crazy or rock up wearing the basics and everyone will still go insane. Fashion is all about expressing yourself through clothing and really showing who you are, and it’s also so great to have fun with what you’re wearing – and that’s where style comes to play. Your outfit will make it or break it on how you style it, and if you’re fashion obsessed you’d know the people at fashion week know how to style.


Another thing to remember is that just because you don’t like it, or maybe it’s something you wouldn’t wear, doesn’t make it less fashionable. Fashion is an art and should be expressed that way.

So, why is street style so important? Street style is important because it’s bases the trends, YES fashion shows do create the biggest trends, but a lot of what you’re seeing out on the street and in stores are from beautiful people wearing them and getting their photo taken. For example, the Tibi blazer, yes it’s a Tibi design BUT without those wearing it around at fashion week, it might not have become the biggest trend of the year. When you see recent shots of street style, take note, look at details because you will be seeing them everywhere. It’s okay to not love trends and following crowds, especially in this industry, so don’t be afraid of playing around with your own style, you might even be the new trend setter!


Without this becoming a big blob of random words, I just wanted to say don’t be afraid of clothes and play around with them. Get some inspiration from others and try new things – fashion is about being creative, yourself and having fun. Also appreciate street style, because without the designers, fashionable people dressing up and photographers, we would be in the most boring and dull industry.


all images via: Vogue

If you have any other questions about street style please don’t be afraid to comment them below! I love sitting down and writing more and getting more personal with how I feel about fashion and the industry! 

– A.L X


  1. Street style turns FASHION into actual STYLE. The difference is anyone with the right amount of money can pay for fashion off the runways or in stores, but those with style take those fashionable pieces and make something totally unique and creative. That’s what I love so much about style!

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