Hello and welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I’m jumping straight into the best trends so far.

Before I get into the post, I just wanted to say that I’ve hit more than 100 post on my blog and for me that’s amazing – just a big thank you to everyone who reads my posts! X

Now onto the trends,

We all know I believe you should follow trends if you love them and if they’re you’re style, but recently fashion week street style has been going insane and there’s so much we need to catch up on. I’d have to say this street style is one of the best I’ve ever seen – there’s so much creativity it’s beautiful!

So these trends are what I’ve been seeing all over fashion week & street style and now they’re taking over the fashion industry.



For those who haven’t been keeping up to date on fashion week are probably like uhhh what, I don’t want to wear a suit???? I’m calling this the power suit because it’s a powerful statement and probably one of the best. You don’t need to be a business person either to wear a suit and you never have! When I say suit I don’t mean a boring black suit, I mean something colourful, something yellow, pink, red, big statement colours! Suits are being seen everywhere, not just street style but fashion shows. It’s a new and improved way for women to look more powerful and also fashionable – you can wear the suit to pick up some groceries or you can wear it to an event. It’s not new to be seeing suits everywhere as the industry always goes through their stages, but right now it’s back and it’s extra hot!

purple suit

purple suit here


If you don’t understand what the next piece is (because of my lame names) it’s the one and only, slip dress! I know some of you would be like WOOOWWW AAGGAAAIINNN??? BORRRINNNGGGGG! But wait, the slip dress is the most perfect dress for any occasion (my version of how I style the slip will be out soon I promise!). You can wear the slip to the shops, dinner, an event, cleaning the house, painting the house, walking the dog, going to an event with people you went to school with and you want to make them realise how fashionable you really are! Too far?? Okay I’ll chill. But seriously the slip dress should be a go-to – it’s so easy to dress up and to dress down and it’s also perfect for summer and winter.

slip dress

slip dress here


We’ve had chokers, we’ve had minimalism accessories, and now it’s time for statement pieces. When I say statement pieces I really mean earrings, but why only earrings? Earrings are a perfect accessory if you want a statement but don’t want to commit, and they’re easy to wear. You don’t need the right face shape or skin colour to wear big earrings, if anything I recommend everyone should have one go-to statement earring; colours help, go for yellow, pink and a deep purple, they’re fool proof and perfect for every season.

pink earrings here / horseshoe earrings here


I’ve talked about monochromatic outfits recently, and since street style it’s blown up completely. Now monochrome doesn’t mean black, white, grey, it’s any colour and lately a street style go to is a whole monochrome outfit. If you’re still a bit confused or worried, there will be photos below to give you an idea, so you don’t think I’m crazy!

red dress here / red shoes here / red bag here




Once again it’s so not obvious that blazers are in trend, it all ties in with the suits! So if you’re not someone ready to commit to a suit then go for a blazer, but go for a statement blazer. Yellow is currently the biggest colour so don’t be afraid to go for a yellow blazer – I’m currently heading into summer and that’s not stopping me from pulling out my blazers. If you’re not ready to hit the big statement colours, go for the cool and chic check blazers that are everywhere right now; if you don’t want to follow trends and be like everyone else but you’re loving the trends, style it your way, don’t be afraid of doing things different.

yellow blazer here / check blazer  here


Extra little tip but an important one; the trends are crazy and everything is a statement, go for the statement pieces, style it however you want to style it, where bright crazy colours. It’s all about going big and really expressing yourself, don’t hide who you are.

images via: Vogue


Once again thank you to everyone who reads my posts, I’m so thankful!! As Paris Fashion Week has begun, there will be a big blog post on my thoughts of fashion month, so keep your eyes out for that! As always I’d love to know your thoughts on the latest trends, is it a big yes for you? or a big no? 

– A.L X


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