Hello and welcome back to my blog!

As you can see from the title this post is a little bit different, but as it’s officially October (my favourite month) and Halloween is almost here (my favourite season) I thought I’d get everyone prepared for the best time of the year!

In Australia we don’t normally celebrate Halloween, but because I love all things scary and dressing up, I tend to do my own thing and go hardcore!! Now if you’re someone who wants to dress up but maybe not go as something scary, or even just be fashionable this Halloween, I have a few outfits to get you all inspired.

Now If you want to take it to the next level you could totally take these normal costumes and give it a twist, for example; dress up like Anna Wintour but go crazy on make-up and call yourself “dead Anna Wintour”.



CARRIE BRADSHAW – We all know about Carrie Bradshaw and we all know how amazing her style is! If you’re wanting to dress like Carrie go for her biggest fashion moments, don’t forget to wear heels, make your hair big, hold an expensive looking bag, a Vogue magazine and a glass of champagne.




HOLLY GOLIGHTLY – Once again who doesn’t know about Breakfast at Tiffany’s? But instead of going for the usual black dress and pearls, I wanted to add my favourite scene where Holly/Audrey has just woken up and shes got her cute eye mask on and ear plugs and is running around looking for her shoes.




ANNA WINTOUR– I had to add lovely Anna into this because she really is the mother of the industry and lets be honest, she’s a bit scary! All you need to achieve Anna’s look is bob cut wig, her go-to sunglasses and something professional and chic. Oh and don’t forget no smiling!




KARL LAGERFELD & CHOUPETTE – Who doesn’t want to dress up as the king of fashion and his cat? For those who don’t know who Choupette is you’re living under a rock; Choupette is Karl’s beautiful cat who gets treated better than many of us, but it all makes sense. When dressing like Karl all you need is a black suit, white wig and black sunglasses – for Choupette, anything that looks like a white cat.




THE NANNY/FRAN – Most of us grew up watching The Nanny, or trying to avoid it on the days you were home sick, but let’s be real, Fran was a fashion queen! Everything was so 90’s and so on trend, step aside Clueless.




CRUELLA DE VIL – Okay fun fact, when I was young I used to call myself Cruella De Vil because I thought she was so fashionable and cool, but many years passed and I started to realise she wanted to kill dogs for their fur – not cool. I still think Cruella is a fashion icon, but maybe faux fur instead!




GUCCI ALIEN – Remember not so long ago when Gucci had that alien campaign and it was weird but so cool? It would be even cooler to dress up as one of the Gucci aliens! I’m not saying you need to go out and buy Gucci, but look for similar outfits and paint yourself green? It’s something different while also being so fashionable.



I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something a little different but as I said I LOVE Halloween and felt like this post was needed for all those fashion lovers! I can think of so many more costume idea’s so if you would love to see a pt.2 before Halloween please let me know! 

– A.L X


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have to try some of them! Could you give a favor? My friend has applied for a position (fashion shop assistant) in a DG store and now she is going to prepare for the interview. I think you know almost everything in this industry. Can you give me a helping hand? She is wondering what questions they may ask?

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