Hello and welcome back to my blog! As you can see from the title, this post is all about Spring/Summer 18 fashion month.

For those who don’t know, fashion month/”weeks” has just ended and instead of doing FOUR different posts talking about fashion week, I decided to do one big post on the whole month.

The shows started in NYC, which had so many beautiful shows, I was not let down. Then it moved onto London, which once again had so many beautiful collections, then Milan which is always quieter. Lastly was the best and always is, Paris – Paris fashion week is always the craziest and normally has the best collections.

I don’t want to ramble too much on this post so I’m going to jump in on what I saw everywhere and my favourite collections.



It’s not obvious that suits have taken over, but for SS18, pink suits have been seen everywhere. Not just on runway but on street style, and I’m not complaining. If you’re not into pink I highly recommended getting some sort of suit because it’s chic and also a powerful statement.

Gabriela Hearst / Oscar De Larenta / Hellessy 



When spring/summer comes along, I always assume bright, fun, happy colours, and SS18 did not disappoint. Almost every collection had a statement colour and if not one, many many more. There were a lot of orange, red, yellow, pinks and blue, so keep an eye out for next years spring because those colours will be everywhere.

Tibi / Victoria Beckham / Adam Selman 



Normally when I see anything oversized I assume winter garments but I’ve seen so many collection with oversize pieces and I feel like it fits perfectly with spring. To get that oversized look, go for an oversized blazer or shirt.

Celine / Joseph / Matthew Addams Dolan 

Going completely opposite to oversized, there were so many beautiful collections with tighter fitting and stunning cuts – I didn’t want to add it in because I did enjoy the oversize look but wanted to state that not every collection had oversized pieces.

Now, onto my favourite collections. 



I’m not normally a fan of Balmain, mainly because it’s not my style and I don’t enjoy the people who promote it, but I must say this collection was stunning. I tend to stay away from Balmain because I find most of the collections the same but this one just had a flare to it. I loved the first skirt and the way it’s cut, I also love the glitter piece and how it’s styled.



Once again, I’m always a fan of Dior and each collection is stunning. Maria is doing an amazing job, though I find it hard to get over Raf and his amazing designs – I’m getting a bit bored of this new classic Dior dress and I feel as if it’s being over done. My favourite piece in this collection has to be the dinosaur shirt.



There’s not much I have to say about this collection part from the fact that it was beautiful.



I’m not normally a fan of Prada but this collection was stunning – the orange jacket is such a statement and I love the comic designs.



So far Louis Vuitton has to be my favourite collection; everything about it was stunning.



We all know I’m a big Chanel fan, so take a seat when I say this BUT, Chanel didn’t blow me away. I think the collection was beautiful but there was so many other designers who had a breathtaking collection.



Okay I lied when I said Louis Vuitton was my favourite because Celine 110% is! It felt more like winter for me because of all the blazers and coats, but everything in this collection is something I’d wear. I love the pink long blazer with the yellow skirt and the orange, navy and white dress. There were so many beautiful cuts and styles in the collection – that’s what made it stand out the most.



I thought this collection was beautiful, though there wasn’t anything that stood out to me, I did think it was a beautiful show and there’s so many lovely pieces.



This has to be my second favourite show – everything about it was stunning. I loved the shorter pieces, the second photo and the last, I feel like it screams summer along the beach. I also love the first photo, I think the blazer is perfect with the gold.



Ellie Saab never does wrong, the man is a genius! I loved the colours in this collection and how there was always something different; my favourite piece would have to be the yellow number. I also love all the detail, that’s something I find Saab does an amazing job at.



I found this collection to be stunning – I’m never disappointed by Ellery and I think she really knows the modern fashionable women. All of her collections really scream “I’m powerful and fashionable” and I think she does an amazing job at keeping that reputation.



One of the most beautiful collections I have seen; there’s so many beautiful things about it and I really feel like it’s the definition of spring. I love how casual but elegant the collection is, I also love the flowers in the hair, it completes the looks.



Once again the colour pallet is stunning, I’m loving the yellows, pinks, orange and purple. I also love the more neutral pieces – overall a stunning collection.



At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of this collection, but then I saw more and more of it and started to appreciate it more. They’re pieces I wouldn’t catch myself wearing but I appreciate the cuts and styles of all the outfits.


Thank you for reading my post! I wanted to do a big post on fashion month instead of a post each location. I tried to stay away from my go-to favourite brands and look into more different brands, especially when they have beautiful collections and deserve to be talked about. I would love to know your thoughts on SS18 and what was your favourite collection?

– A.L X


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