Hello lovely people and welcome back to my blog! As you can see from today’s title, it’s all about stylish photos!

Now let’s be real, we all love a good insta pic and sometimes it can be frustrating when someone takes a photo and it looks horrible, SO – I thought I’d do a post on tips to look stylish in photos, even if you have a shitty photographer!

I’ve been feeling pretty inspired since fashion month, and looking at all the street style I was like wow this is amazing, but unfortunately some of us can’t have professional photographers following us around in the best countries; so we have to make do with what we have!


LOCATION – As I said above, some of us don’t live in Paris and London, so we can’t access those perfect instagram streets BUT there’s so many options when it comes to taking photos. I personally love a “city vibe” so going into the city and getting photos on the street, but it really all depends on your taste. If you can’t go anywhere, find a wall in your house, sometimes I use my garage door because it’s a lot easier. Most of the time location isn’t as important, it’s all about the outfit.



NAIL THAT POSE – Without forcing yourself to pose, be more natural; look at street style for example, no one has time to stand around a pose, they have a show to be at! Go for a more natural street style look, which yes you’ll need to pose for. Walking shots are always great.



YOUR OUTFIT SAYS IT ALL – You can have a really bad photographer and pull off amazing shots all based on your outfit. Outfit is always number 1 because the whole point in getting these photos is to post your outfit?? Make sure you’re wearing something that’s fun and has a statement piece – once again always based on your style.




STYLING YOUR OUTFIT –  Once you’ve found the outfit you’re going to wear, think about how you’re going to style it. If you’re wearing a coat, get a belt and put it on top! Styling tips are endless and there’s so many things you can do, my only big tip is to try something new, play around with different styles before you get photos done.



ACCESSORIES – It’s really not obvious how important accessories are, they can really make or break the outfit. I’m currently loving silk scarfs so styling a scarf is something I’d be styling for photos. Go for overlapping necklaces as well, you can never mess up on accessories! Another must have for me when it comes to photos is sunglasses; I’m a big believer that sunglasses are everything, especially for achieving that street style look!



(all images via Vogue)

That’s all the tips I have for now, I would love to know your tips on getting stylish photos OR if any of these tips have helped you get stylish photos? 

– A.L X


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